I trained my two pits myself with the help of Ceasar Millan, but they only listen to me. If someone else tells my dog to do something, they will just stand there.


  1. bear 2 zealand ©

    People with experience can train their own dogs and they do. But most of us also belong to some sort of club for training as well. Even if you train your dog, obedience classes are very good for socialization. A lot of my dogs will not work for others, this is very normal. If I pass off one of my dogs to someone that is very experienced they can get my dogs to work, but they normally will not work for others as they do with me. Caesar Milan is not a good person to learn from at all. It would be much better for you to join and obedience club and train with a club. Training never stops with a dog, it is something that is an ongoing event.

  2. Gems

    cesar milan is NOT a good role model for dog training, the average person tries to alpha roll a dog of any size your hand or face might easily be removed!
    that being said it depends on the person and the experience that person has..some people can easily self train their dogs, others need professional pointers and help…either way the owner of the dog shoudl be present for ALL training, NEVER send your dog away for someone to train because the peopel do need training just as much as the dog.

  3. Wicked Wanda

    I think that some dogs can be trained successfully by only the owner, but I also think it’s a good idea to train your dog to obey others.
    What if something happened to you and your dogs had to go live with someone else and the dogs never obeyed that person? Or what if someone is dog sitting your dogs and they need the dogs to obey them?
    I trained my dog, but she listens to whoever gives her a command as long as they are not threatening me in any way.

  4. Rachel-Pit Police-DSMG

    I believe that a combination of professional training and at-home training works best for any dog. I helped my dogs learn obedience by allowing family and friends to give them commands. They view me as their pack leader, but if someone else tells them to ‘sit’ or ‘drop it’ they most certainly do. My dogs know that I am the boss, but through practice with me, and professional training, they view all people as entities that are to be respected.

  5. kris10nc

    To the Cesar haters: Ever been to Cesars website??? Ever read the disclaimers on the Dog Whisperer? They both warn that attempting to train your dog without proper knowledge and guidance from a PROFESSIONAL is foolish.
    KUDOS to you for seeking his advice!
    Cesar is a genius! His techniques teach the human to understand how the dog thinks. He does not train by fear. He trains by dog language. When in a wild dog pack, the ALPHA is what some would call “mean” or “aggressive” towards the others. The quick tug as a distraction is by no means cruel. A quick touch as a distraction is even less cruel. Alpha dogs use their teeth , body cues and vocals to communicate. So, touch or tug (the physical cue), mental assertiveness(body cue), and “shhht” (vocal cue) are exactly what the dog can understand.
    Police and correctional institution dogs are trained to ONLY accept commands or cues from their handler. They are some of the most well trained animals on the planet. They can ignore an inmate waving a piece of meat and they can be called off a fleeing suspect with 1 word.
    Sounds like your dogs are sure you are their “alpha” but not sure about other humans. As long as their behavior isn’t endangering humans or other animals, why would you want someone else giving your dogs commands?
    Also, the dogs may be sensing an “unease” in the person giving them commands. They cue in on nerves really well, and I’m just ASSUMING they are Pits, but could the other people be sending them a msg of fear or insecurity?

  6. Freckles

    I think you should train your own dog. Most dogs will listen to who the respect and have a relationship with.

  7. ragapple

    The ideal is YOU training the dog at a class with an instrutor to help. It’s easy to misunderstand a book video or TV program & confuse the dickens out of the dog.

  8. be happier own a pitbull

    I’ve trained both my pits myself. My first pit listened to anybody that gave the proper command. This one leans more towards only listening to me only. I have a dear friend that is a trainer that guided me threw training this one. According to him this is the proper way of training. You should be the only to control your dog and your dogs shouldn’t be around anybody without you there, in essence you would be the one to give the correction. Which made total sense to me. So, NO I don’t think there is a thing wrong with you being the only one controlling your dogs.

  9. I_Love_M

    That’s because Cesar teaches fear and aggression, so of course he only responds to you – they’re only AFRAID of you.

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