I have a 3-year old Weimaraner that I am fostering and he barks for no apparent reason. I also own 2 Weimaraners and a Black Lab, but I have never had this problem with any of them.


  1. Canine luver

    I’ve tried shock collars, water sprays, etc and those never helped.
    For my dog who barks at strangers or dogs, I take his
    ‘scruff’ or the skin around his neck , hold it up, grab his muzzle, make him look at me and I go “QUIET” in a firm voice.

  2. DogLover

    Barking maybe mean that pups want you to pay attention to them, remember dog training needs patience and kindness.if you are not good at ,I suggest you look at this;http://dogstraining.info
    Hope that can help you, good luck!

  3. Yo LO!

    If he’s “Annoyance Barking”, you may find that the only thing that works is a shock or citronella collar. In a dog that big, it won’t hurt him.

  4. Max B Good

    I would use one of those collars with a remote and at least three levels of setting. It delivers a very mild shock just to get his attention. Use rewards and praise along with it. Praise works much better than scolding.

  5. tiredang

    He may just want attention, but, usually, your vet can tell you about ways to help with this. I dont like those shock collars, but, some people use them. It would probably be best to talk to your vet. Good luck!

  6. Abby

    yes when they bark and its not for a reason yell at them or put pennines in a coffe can shake it and yeall no

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