I have several animals and I don’t like using such harmful chemicals on them. I just recently rescued a kitten and he is fully of fleas. I was wondering if anyone has a home remedy or all natural process to get rid of the fleas?


  1. rettlee3

    I find my animals are fussy with there food, so l cook there food & finely chop up 2 large garlic cloves (of the ball of garlic) this helps get rid of fleas & worms the animals as well.

  2. gabsy

    I used my shampoo on my dog.I let it for an hour and after washing I brush the hair with fine comb.I do it everyday,it works for me.

  3. MC BC

    Anytime my pets have fleas I use Joy dishsoap on them, they have to soak in it for 10 minutes, then rinse. It’s not harmful, just don’t get it in their eyes. It won’t dry their skin out unless you use it constantly. This has always worked for me.

  4. andrea_m

    first grab some gloves and some tweezers and go thru the kitten’s hair and every flea you find pull it out CAREFULLY with the tweezers [so it won’t get stuck inside the kitten and you only get the tail out] also if possible you might want to clean it up!

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