My friend just got a new dog and she’s having trouble training it. He wants to nip at people all the time, and just won’t listen in general. She found this book online that’s supposed to show you how to train your dog and get it out of bad behavior. She’s afraid to buy it in case it doesn’t work.…


  1. Cutie Pie

    Yes, the Sit Stay Fetch book is really good. My dad bought it when he got a puppy a few months ago and he learned a lot about dog behavior from it. Now his puppy is very well behaved.

  2. Lacy

    The best dog training book I ever read was one by Barbara Woodhouse, “No Bad Dogs”. The owner can learn things along with the dog. For example, dogs love the word “What”. If you say, What a good dog, with emphasis on the word What, watch the dog sit up and take notice. Just one of many things along with, of course, how to curb nipping and such.

  3. Mazzz

    there is a good book called Think Dog by John Fisher which your friend may find helpful, full of up to date modern training methods he has also written other books his methods work really well and are widely used successfully good luck with the pup

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