I just spent quite a bit of money to buy Frontline for my 4 cats to rid them of fleas. I then sprayed the entire house and garage down with Raid flea killer. However, just 2 weeks later, I’ve spied fleas on my cats once again. What’s the deal? Does Frontline really work? Is there something I didn’t do right?


  1. cocoamam

    Okay, at the risk of starting something here…
    Where did you purchase the Frontline?
    If you got it from a vet’s office, then idk the problem. Like everyone else said, it does take a while to get rid of fleas when their eggs keep hatching and they produce more fleas.
    If you got the Frontline from an online source or mail, you might have one of the foreign products that sells in the same box. I was told that there is a difference.
    You might want to switch to Advantage. Ask the vet’s office if they will do a switch-out for you.

  2. MyChecke

    First of all Frontline has been having problems taking care of the fleas this season (wasn’t as bad last season but still not doing what it says it does). You did great by treating your cats and the house and yard but because of the fleas life cycle you are going to need to retreat your house every 2-3 weeks until the problem is under control. I don’t know how well the Raid flea killer works. Never used it. I have used Virbac Knockout and it did the trick. But if your house has been infested with fleas then retreating is the only way to get rid of them. You’ve killed the fleas but not the eggs. Switch flea prevention to something like Advantage and keep treating the house.
    At our office we recommend Advantage unless the owners are happy with Frontline results.

  3. Trista

    It works, but if you already have an infestation you will have to do more than just treat your cat. Once you treat your cat and house (And any other pets) you need to wash all their bedding as well. Your yard should also be considered, especially if it is sandy soil which the fleas like. If they are hiding anywhere, they will come back. The good news is that once you eradicate them COMPLETELY from the premises, just the monthly Frontline will keep it from ever coming back.

  4. CCretaro

    Revolution and Advantage both work a lot better. My kitten brought in an infestation when he came to live with me and within a week, I was scrambling to figure out what to do. I ended up having to get 2 large dog doses to split up among my cats and I had to treat them once a week for 2 weeks.
    It wouldn’t have taken so long to get rid of the fleas if my boyfriend had been willing to move his entertainment center since there were tons of fleas hiding behind there.
    I suggest Advantage and vacuuming well along all of your walls. Especially any interior walls that are close to heaters.

  5. hudsongr

    The new fleas are eggs hatching. Vacuum them up daily, you’ll eventually get all the new ones.
    The cats are still ‘protected’ for a full four weeks, but the fleas won’t die till they jump on the cat and eat the blood on them. Do not double dose with flea meds or you’ll do damage to the cat’s internal organs with the toxic overdose.

  6. Blue October

    i use Frontline Plus….because it gets rid of fleas, eggs, and ticks.
    I have always had success with the PLUS.
    remember to vaccum regularly (for several days) after applying the Frontline Plus. You must vaccum against the wall and in tight spaces to make sure you get rid of fleas, and eggs etc.
    Good luck 🙂

  7. apriljay

    I’ve been wondering the same thing myself. My cats are on their second month of treatments, and have been itching themselves like crazy. I spent a lot of money on the treatments as well. Problem is, I don’t know what I’ll do if this doesn’t work. All I can do is keep the place vaccumed efficiently and treat my cats. Being pregnant, I can’t treat my home with sprays, bombs, or powders:(

  8. Beth P

    I have always used it on my cats and dogs and loved it. Make sure it is on their skin and not just the hair. And remember the fleas may be coming from somewhere else and they will die soon after being on the cat. Call the number on Frontline packaging they will explain it all. 🙂

  9. Jesse Rocks

    Frontline works great…but not if your yard, house, garage is invested with fleas. It’s gonna take more than Raid to fix that problem.

  10. dilligaf* destinee :)

    YES!! even though you cant see it does keep the fleas/ticks away thats what my cats and dogs use and as soon they ran out the each got a tick got them back on it and no more ticks

  11. baby gurl

    The kind in the spray bottle works great and fast. I don’t know about the Frontline Plus stuff.

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