My dog is good on the leash but goes CRAZY when she see’s another animal…be it a cat, other dog, horse or cow, she goes NUTS!!! Yesterday during one of her fits she BIT ME!!! Not a very hard bite but it was a bit none the less. Any other suggestions?


  1. ceejay24

    Your dog needs obedience class and a positive rewards based training program like clicker training (you can google clicker training for more info.) not a training collar. The ONLY training device I have ever had work is a gentle leader which works like a horse’s halter and control the dog from the nose, not the neck. The problem you are having is dog aggression and poor training, no “miracle” collar will fix that. Contact your local kennel club for their schedule of obedience classes ASAP.

  2. R.I.P. Bank (My Baby Boy)

    I would recommend you to reed Cesar Millan books they helped me control my doberman He would go nuts if he saw another dog or if that dog barked at him same with cats and birds and rodents.
    and yes i also purchased the illusion collar and it works wonders if you use it with the right energy if you cach my drift.
    ADD: I would also try obedience training.

  3. Rotten Rotts

    I see no reason for all these cute little training collars. They are training tools, if you don’t put the effort in actually training then any collar is useless.
    If you can’t handle the dog enroll in some obedience classes before someone get seriously injured.

  4. Stalkers are cowards & thieves

    “A poor workman blames his tools”
    It’s YOU …’ve given it no training or discipline.
    Any collar will do,when used correctly. Get a chain/slip/prong collar & USE IT RIGHT!!!
    POP & release….whip around in an about-turn,scream at the spoiled rotten maniac…catching the drift here yet?

  5. Angry hag

    there is *** NO*** such thing as a *COLLAR* that will do the training for you…………..*REAL** training is done by the ADULTS &&& **NOT** kiddies.

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