does putting coins in a can and shaking it when the dog is displaying bad behavior an effective way to keep a dog from jumping on doors, people, and dogs and to keep it from pulling on the leash i have been trying to train my cousins dog and its very hard she is so hyperactive and attention seeking and its because her owners dont spend as much time as they should with her[she is a female boxer named jersey] she knows how to sit and almost shake hands and she is a very difficult dog and sometimes i just want to hit her but i never do cause that is wrong but anyways i saw the coins in can method on tv and i was wondering if it would do the trick


  1. blk_shee

    well, let’s talk basic physics. You have a dog with too much energy already. SO you toss something at it or make a noiseto scare it…which adds anxiety (MORE energy). Does that sound smart to you?
    the can technique has been around for years. It’s considered to be an aversive technique. (that means it’s supposed to correct instead of rewarding good behavior) Many people are totally opposed to anything aversive, but in it’s place and with the right dog the thing can work. It definitely is NOT the right way to train your dog.
    start with exercise. Boxers need a lot. Train her after exercise, once you’ve burned off some of that energy and it’ll go a lot easier. Once she starts to really get some tricks like sit and down you can USE those commands to help deal with some of the other stuff. An head collar (halti or gentle leader) can make it a LOT easier to walk her. Ask at your local pet store.

  2. pfloydie

    you will have to see what works for her — that might work – but it may also hurt her ears – dogs have very sensitive ears — I have a crazy German Shepherd (from the shelter) and I spray her with a spray bottle of water — and she HATES it and always runs when I say – “where’s the bottle?”
    Works every time
    You what else works — saying NO firmly and loud – it will take a little time – but it will work
    also positive reinforcement when she does something right.
    that is a key thing as well.

  3. amyaz_98

    It worked for me but you must not let the dog see where the noise comes from. You have to let the dog think it’s the “bad” behavior that caused the noise. A squirt bottle with water worked for me too but again, don’t let the dog see where it comes from. Just a firm shake once or twice to the side should do it.

  4. Thesport

    It depends on the dog, Sometimes it works, you may want to try other things if not. Spray bottle works for some too.
    Try this site. and good luck.

  5. Jessica L

    Yes it does. I used this method when my dog was a puppy. It works with corn as well, it is just the noise that bugs their ears alot.

  6. Misa M

    No, it will suppress the behavior and temporarily put a stop to it. But, you are not teaching your dog a thing. Bullying and intimidating the dog by using punishers such as this is a bad idea since we humans have bad timing and attempt to punish too late. The dog has no idea why you’re shaking the can – PLUS you will be punishing all other dogs in the area. To stop jumping on people – ask your friends and family to turn around silently when the dog jumps on them. A few reps of this in different situations will teach the dog that jumping is not reinforcing.
    It’s hard to be frustrated. It’s smart of you to ask questions and to keep your patience. Try looking here for help:…
    -the “Problem Behaviors” section will be of interest to you.
    Good luck! If you spend a little time reading those articles and then take a class (I know it’s not your dog but it will really help) you will have many more tools in your toolbox for training, AND the dog will have fun learning with you.

  7. DP

    It can work to get their attention.. You need to take the dog for a looooong walk and wear it out before you start training.. Or if she has good food drive, withhold food for a few hours and work with her when she is real hungry.. Some trainers will tell you to keep the dog in the crate for a few hours before training.. Bring the dog out for training, give lots of praise and then put the dog back in the crate.. Gives them lots of time to think about and concentrate on what you are trying to teach. I think its good for some dogs, not so good for others..

  8. Final_lee l

    try clapping also and yeah it works, try or dont try making any other weird noise it’ll catches its attention

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