I have put drops on my cat from the store but she still has fleas. She can’t hear very well and now she lets me (and likes it for a little while) use the sweeper on her. Do you think it will suck up fleas?


  1. hudsongr

    It might, but if you’ve put the drops on already, they’re likely doing their job. Remember that fleas in the environment aren’t always on the cat–the ones that are will be killed by the dose, but as they die and others jump on, it looks like nothing is happening when actually it is. The new ones will die too, it just takes a few days to get rid of them.
    You can help by vacuuming the floors and furniture every day for a few days. They’ve found that almost all fleas sucked up that way will die. If your cat will let you vacuum her, you can try, but fleas on a cat hold onto the hairs, so the suction may not move them.
    Don’t get a flea collar, they don’t work and if it gets wet it will leech the chemicals into yours cat’s neck, giving an overdose of pesticides that her kidneys and liver may not be able to handle.

  2. Nicole J

    Well, I’d bet it will suck some of them up but it won’t get all of them and probably won’t get the flea eggs. I wouldn’t use that as a method. I just got a cat who had fleas and the vet gave us Revolution – BAM, gone! It was amazing – within 2 days they were totally gone. I’d check into that brand through your vet and see what it does for you.
    Edit: Oh – and if you sweep up fleas from anywhere, make sure you toss the vacuum bag right away – sweeping them up doesn’t kill them and they climb out of the vacuum and back into the environment…

  3. The First Dragon

    It will suck up some, just like it does from the carpet. Vacuum up some flea powder too, so that the fleas in the bag will be killed. Otherwise they will get out again.

  4. areyouse

    she probably only likes it because of the bristles on the bottom are scratching her helping the itch, you should talk to your vet.

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