I’ve got two three year old lab crosses, they were brought up in kennels and although not domestic animals are very friendly. the problem comes when they are left alone for any length of time, they chew the sofa to bits. They have all manner of chew toys etc but they love the sofa. I’ve tried pet repellent, even black pepper but all to no avail……any other serious idea’s?


  1. Yo LO! Aussie Grins

    Crate them when they’re unattended. If they were brought up in kennels, they shouldn’t have a problem with it. It is much safer for them and will save you a fortune in replacements!

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    Have you tried the product called Boundry? It works pretty good as long as you reapply it often. Also try bitter apple spray. If you catch them in the act a water spray bottle can also be effective. But you must be consistant. I would crate them when your’e not home.

  3. mygirls

    whenever a dog tries to chew on something not allowed, first say bad chew in a firm voice and then replace the bad chew with something that is allowed to be chewed (my aussie doesn’t like chew toys so I had to get bully sticks for this purpose) and repeat in a happy jovial voice GOOD CHEW!
    My sheltie chewed on like 2 things when she was 2 months old – we did this and she doesn’t chew ANYTHING now. Not even when teething ; except her good chews. The aussie is getting the hang of it now too 🙂

  4. andie

    i don’t undrstand………’not domestic animals’. dogs are domestic animals. they were brought up in ‘kennels’. obviously they now live in the house? what kinds of repellents have you tried/ since they were raised in kennels, can yu crate them when you are not there to watch them? sounds to me like they could use some good, basic behavior training.

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