Dog training, shock collars, any suggestions??? Personal experience? Can I train my beagle to stay in a confined area?


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    I would first try going to an obedience school though. My dog is shock trained, we did the shock training since he did not pass obedience school and was out of control. Contrary to popular belief, shock collars are not cruel, they are very effective and worth every penny. If you do get a shock collar, first put it on him for a week, 24/7 so he will get used to it and know that it is not threatening. then charge it and training can begin. When you shock your dog, he WILL yelp, DO NOT think that you are hurting him, (As long as the setting is low) he is simply…shocked (No pun intended) he is surprised and confused since this came out of nowhere and he is not accustomed to it. My dog has had the collar for over a year and he yelps when we shock him (which is not too often since he is really good). If you are having doubts about using a shock collar, just think this: Do I want my dog to be on a leash for his entire life, or feel a couple of shocks for a year but he can roam free without a leash under my control.
    Also, this is very important. When putting the collar on him the first time, DO NOT make it tight, make it tight enough so you can barely fit your index collar between the prong and his neck and then MARK IT so the shock is a constantly feel. (It also is convenient)
    and the last thing, make sure your dog does not realize where the shock is coming from, keep the remote in your pocket or sleeve and shock him from there. Also, never shock him for 20Min after putting it on and 20min before taking it off. And NEVER EVER put the collar, shock him then take it off.
    PS: To the people who say they want to put one on me……I have already tried it at the same level my dog has, it feels like a quick, short pinch. It does not hurt and bear in mind dogs have much thicker necks then we do….I would NEVER do anything to my dog that i would not want done to me.
    PPS: One last question to those who think shock collars are cruel: Is it more fair for my dog to have a shock collar then be put down? (My parents WOULD have gotten rid of him and as a result of his poor behavior, would have been put down at the shelter.)

  2. rescuehe

    Shock collars are inhumane. If you don’t believe this, I suggest you put one on and have someone shock you with it before you think about putting it on a dog you love.
    Your dog can be trained, but a fence is your best bet if at all possibles. Beagles are bred to hunt and track – it’s in their nature to wander off.
    I’d suggest you take a class with your dog and get into some serious training with your beagle.
    Good Luck,
    Happy Tails!!
    (please, no shock collar!!)

  3. kathy c

    no they are hunting dogs i would highly suggest putting up a fense or a parrimeter with the collar. but then you will have to deal with other animals coming into your yard and bothering your dog.i would seriously put up a fence. dogs are not always perdictable.

  4. msnite19

    Beagles can be very difficult to train. Beagles are scent dogs and it is VERY difficult to get and keep their attention as they are easily distracted.
    You have to complete some obedience classes with your dog and then MAKE SURE that you CONTINUE the training at home.
    It is possible to train a beagle enough so that it will always listen to you but it will be much harder than training the average dog.
    I fostered a Beagle and once her nose was to the ground with a scent she was GONE and was so distracted that she didn’t even hear me screaming for her.

  5. davie18s

    I have also used a shock collar with great success. Yes, I did try it before I used it on my dog. The collar worked wonderful and is no longer needed.
    I do not think a shock collar is what you need. I would recommend a fence or underground fence. If neither of those are possible try a run line. That is a cable that runs from one end of the area to the other with a chain leash attached. that way the dog has a lot of room to run without running off.
    Whatever you choose, good luck with it.

  6. Tigger LoVer_8

    I have a BEAGLE too, and I’d suggest NO shock collar!!!! Those things look like they hurt. Poor dog, I wonder how you would feel if you put it on yourself. I saw this guy on AFV put a shock collar on him. It looked like it hurt. So i would remember how that dog fell with it on.

  7. beepbeep

    Shock collars if used properly are great. If you want it to stay in a area you could get a solid fence so they can’t climb it and where it is fairly deep so they can’t dig as easy. They now have electric fences that shock a dog when it goes out, and keeps shocking them until they return. This i think is great but it can be a hassle when the power goes out. I am not sure what training you are also wanting. Just stick to something and don’t slack off or back down.

  8. lori_col

    You can get an underground fence installed – it’s a wire that runs underground and there is a shock collar on the dog. You can train him (instructions included with the fence) to stay within the parameters of the ‘fenced-in’ yard. I have used a shock collar on my dog before – and for the person who says try it yourself – I did, and it’s not that bad. We have one that has a bunch of levels, and we use only the first level on our dog. Some dogs need higher levels because they have thicker skin. There is an alternative to shock collars – works the same, but uses a lemon spray instead – it has been seen though, that some dogs like the taste 🙂
    As for those who think the shock collar is inhumane – My personal opinion is that it is more humane than having the dog run away and get hurt (e.g., get hit by a car and suffer). Think about it.
    Good Luck with your beagle!

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    Ohh Pooh, shock collars are fine, IF you know how to use them PROPERLY…. and I HAVE BEEN shocked by one, I wouldnt put it on my dog until I knew what it felt like. Its a small shock, not a painful HIGH voltage , shockl. It was startling, not painful…..
    And Im not sure if your problem could be solved with a shock collar. I bet the underground boundary fences with the warning/shock collar would work for what you need.

  10. locusfir

    I use a shock collar on my dog and love it, and he loves it too. It may seem inhuman, but if the dog had half a brain to do what it was suppose to do, you’d give it complete freedom. I’d say try the collar, get him to feel that there is a right and wrong, and he will learn, and respond correctly, and then will feel less stressed when he’s not sure if he was good or not.

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