How do you say to a dog when you want to order a dog to wait a little in front of food ?
wait! or beg! or leave it! or something other?
I’d like to know both of training terms and usual saying at home.


  1. anwen55

    It doesn’t really matter as long as you are consistent.
    I use “Leave it” because “stay” is for stay-there-until-I-come-back
    & “Wait” is for wait-there-until-i-tell-you-to-do something-else.
    I always use “OK” as the release word.
    “Leave it” isn’t just for food, it’s generally “don’t touch that dish/rabbit/toy/cat/dog/disgusting heap/food until I say “OK”

  2. Serry's mum

    We command our dogs first to “sit” then “wait” whilst holding out a flat palm to them, then we put food down. If they try to get to the food before we blow a whistle 3 times, we pick it up and start again. This kind of training heps control food situations but also aids recall when in park, for example. If u blow whistle 3 times in park the dog associates it with food and will come back to you.

  3. G

    Wait or stay will work fine, but you really don’t even need to give a verbal command. Dogs are more visual than verbal anyway. You can always hold your hand out “like you’re telling him to stop” before placing his food down. If he moves towards it, move your hand/body towards him until he stops, basically blocking him from getting the food. He should give you his full attention and wait patiently. Wait until he’s calm before you feed him.
    To give him the “OK”, you can either move the food towards him or just walk away.
    Body language is stronger than verbal commands.

  4. Cadsuane

    i’d use sit, and then free when the dog could get up and eat
    or stay and free
    or stay and “your welcome”
    basicaly i wouldnt bother training in a new comand for a dog, when there was already intrained comands like sit, lay or stay that could function just as well
    the fewer comands the easier it is for the dog and you cause you dont have to teach them a new word every time your in a new situation that really is already covered by a old comand

  5. rescue member

    Take your dog for group obedience classes, it’s fun for you and the dog, teaches you to teach the dog and helps socialize your dog with other dogs and new people.

  6. pupluv04

    Pretty much you can use any word to indicate any meaning since the dog does not know what the words mean. Typically people use the word “stay” but “wait” could work too.

  7. Talltail

    I say “sit”. Then if they start to go for the food, I pick it up. Once they get the point they have to wait, until I say “go ahead”. Then they lunge!

  8. Stacy

    You can say whatever you like. You just need to be consistent so your dog can learn what that phrase means. I use leave it or stay.

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