i found 1 flea on my dog today and am going out now to buy johnsons4fleas.
I shtis any good as it claims to kill fleas in 24 hours.



  1. madison

    buying any flea stuff from pet shop is a waste of time…natural way is to give a vinegar rinse after bathing your dog fleas and mites hate vinegar also stops ants biting and it gets rid of shampoo residue..and makes the coat shine.. i use the vinegar rinse and i have so far in 20 years never had a problem with fleas i tend to use as less as i can regarding chemicals sometimes its unavoidable but i do try and if you have no problems with putting chemicals on you dog go to vet and get front line or something like that………JDS Is a good flea repellent shampoo as well….i have long hair dogs which i show so their coats are of paramount importance and no way do i want fleas on them….

  2. clowmy

    I have never used the stuff…I buy some flea dip at Petsmart and it works on my dogs…The people in Petsmart will help you find what will work the best…So try Petsmart…
    Your Friend Clowmy

  3. Tuppence

    make sure buy the household spray as well and spray everywhere you dog goes. Otherwise you will be fighting a losing battle as the flea has probably already laid eggs.

  4. wolfstor

    i use the same on my dog. The stuff you can buy for dogs from the super-market is just as good as the veterinary ones. Its the ones for cats you need to look for.
    Don’t forget, you shouldn’t wait for the dog to get fleas, you should treat them every three months with a preventative to stop them appearing in the first place.

  5. emma d

    i had fleas in my house when i moved in in november and i had the council round to spray all me house. i also put a flea collar in my hoover to kill any that got up my hoover.
    theres loads of effective stuff you can buy from pet shops though!!!

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