I have much experience with Fronline Plus and my dogs, always worked excellent. I’ve adopted an older dog from the pound and applied Frontline plus to her, with the correct dosage for her weight, and 36 hours later, she still has fleas! Has anyone had this experience? Am I being too impatient? Any suggestions?


  1. Wicked Witchâ„¢ of the West

    You’ll probably need to just give it a little time. Frontline works by killing the fleas and ticks after they bite the dog, fleas only feed heavily just before breeding, they’ll all need to bite the dog before they are gone!
    You might want to put the dog in the tub and use a mild, natural, flea shampoo, something with Citrusil, penny royal, or Malaleuka in it. That way you can get rid of the fleas that are still alive on her and make her more comfy.
    DON’T use a chemical dip, it can react with the frontline.
    ONLY use a natural flea shampoo and rinse it very thouroughly.

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    I have found fleas MUCH harder to control on puppies and very old dogs-regardless of flea medicine. Of course, it is harder to make adjustments of any kind with them because their systems are more delicate. I think you need to consult with the vet. It sounds to me like she still has fleas–but you aren’t seeing ticks. Is that correct? I know there are things you can do, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable adivising you an older dog. Talk to you vet and good luck! Until that time, be careful with bathing. I can’t remember whether it is Advantage or Frontline, but one of them washes off pretty easily and you don’t want to lose the protection you have already given your dog.

  3. ♥I'm Me♥

    Buy a capstar from your vet. It’s a pill that can be used with frontline and will kill all the fleas on your pet. It only works for 24 hours though. My vet told me it takes 48 hours to kill all the fleas on your pet. The ones in the house, will eventually land on a treated pet and then die when it bites the pet. I was worried about the kitten I found in the pouring rain, it was too small to have a full dose. I used a half and gave baths every other day after the 48 hours, then I gave another half 2 weeks later. I see a flea like one on him…and know it will die soon. Before he was infested and I was NOT putting him back out.

  4. jenni_19

    Important to bathe the dog in a flea and tick shampoo and try to remove any ticks or fleas you see! Also a flea dip would be helpful after the bath! Let the dog dry completely, then apply the product! Make sure to try and treat their beds and if you can your yard! I know this is time consuming but it will effectively help rid of the fleas!

  5. badspell

    there are Madison for the dogs and cats, that you apply Ono’s Avery 6 months. ticks and fleas are in the summer months only, i know but this is the lost thing you do for you pet.you pet entertain you 24 hrs 365 day, so do something for them, they deserve it.

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