How do you get rid of fleas without buying cat flea shampoo? Is there any “natural” way of getting rid of them by bathing in something else?


  1. councilm

    FORGET all these other answers.
    Get some diatomaceous earth. FOOD GRADE. from a feed store.
    lightly sprinkle it on your pet, and her bedding.
    be very light. and within days, fleas are gone, for good.
    keep using this and you will NEVER have a flea problem. and no chemicals either.

  2. Kookabur…

    Theres always the flea color.I use a nix comb.Metal kind.Run it through the fur as in combing it.Gets them right out.

  3. itchy

    Advantage works on ferrets too – see your vet to confirm dosage, but I’ve usually used 0.2 ml (half of the small cat or ‘orange’ tube) with good results.

  4. dukefent

    Diatomaceous Earth will kill the fleas if you bath him with it but just use cat flea shampoo, if he inhales too much of the Diatomaceous Earth it can clog his lungs.

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