I saw something on TV, where a woman recommended a solution of water and vinegar to repel fleas on cats. Has anyone ever heard of that? Does it actually work?


  1. Mouse

    It won’t work, and there is a chance the vinegar will irritate the skin. The best flea treatment is at your vet. There is no natural way that will kill fleas and eggs on the cat and your carpet. Make sure you buy at vet and not your local pet store unless they sell vet recommended treatments. They might be more expensive, some Feed stores also carry them.

  2. Kate R

    Oh please, don’t douche you cat with vinegar and water to treat fleas. There are natural treatments, but really consider using Revolution or Advantage. They are foolproof. The downside is that they require a vet’s prescription. If you are open to natural remedies you may find the article below helpful. Best, KATE

  3. Bob N

    I don’t know if that will repel fleas from the cat but if it does, where will they go?
    Probably on you, your carpet, clothes, etc.
    The idea is to kill the fleas not just repel them from the cat.

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