well it’s not my dog, it’s my close friend’s. but, it seems almost impossible to train him.. he’s a lhasa apso and almost three years old. he’s always hyper and humps everyone’s leg who goes near him.. how can we train him how to sit? we’ve tried calming him down by rubbing his stomach, then pushing his butt down and saying “sit” but it never works!


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    Your friend needs to go to an obedience class to learn the tricks – and timing. One big thing is you need to stop movong around the dog, and only one person, looking into the dog’s eyes and waiting calmly for him to look back, can be giving the commands.
    A piece of hotdog in her mouth (the friend’s, not the dog’s) will definitely get his attention – and then she can say ‘sit’ very quietly and only once – then she should say good dog very quietly when he does…and every once in a while, not when he gets up from the sit but when he has not been given a command, she can give him a tiny piece – but only every once in a while.
    This is attention training, and it will help – but she needs to do this by herself, and she needs to take him to a class to learn the right way.
    good luck-

  2. sitnstay

    I recommend you visit the website that I went to when my dog had behavioral issues a few months back. The program teaches you various methods you can use yourself to solve common dog issues including how to train a dog to sit. It totally transformed my dog. Good luck!

  3. brieisan

    I’m currently training my puppy to sit and I tell her sit, and push her butt down, then when she stays in that position for a sec I give her the treat I’ve been holding in my hand. Since the dog is 3 it’s going to be much harder to train him. If you can’t do it on your own with treats I’d say send him to obedience classes :]

  4. Ness

    Thats how I did it, just pushing my puppy down and saying sit. But your friends dog is 3, its easier to train as a puppy. I would say go to a dog class.

  5. boxergir

    Put a treat that he really likes in your hand and then with him facing you, slowly move your hand right over his head toward his back. Have it close to his head and he will practically have to sit. When he sits give him the treat. As he is about to sit say sit. Hope this helps.

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