I don’t understand how those small drops can reach all areas of dogs body to rid her of the fleas. Some of the fleas are in the ceases of her legs.


  1. Charlie

    It absorbs into their skin and then blood stream. that is why you have to put it against their skin…not just fur.
    It’s between the shoulders, because they can’t reach around to lick it. 🙂

  2. joanplus

    It will depend on which one you use however Advantage/Frontline work by being absorbed into the oil glands then secreted all over the body for full coverage. Dogs have oil glands all over their body so it is efficient way for it to work. The cheap otc do not work well & can be toxic to pets.
    Add: neither product goes into the bloodstream or any further inside the pet. It is called a topical product for a reason.

  3. Wanderer

    This won’t kill any adult fleas. Only the eggs. Adult fleas live only three weeks at most . so if you kill the eggs – in three weeks it’s over but you have to repeat the treatment as per instructions .It works all over the animals body. Shortly after application you can see the eggs dropping off on a dark surface.

  4. Luvsdard

    It gets absorbed into the bloodstream thru the skin and goes throughout the body. If you have a good quality flea preventive like K-9 Advantix, Revolution, Advantage, and some love Frontline Plus, they will work. My preferences are Revolution because it has a heartowm med already in it too, and K-9 Advantix because it repels and kills mosquitos and biting flies.

  5. matt c

    flea drop work with the dogs natural oil where ever the dogs oil is the medicine will travel if you have a really bad problem try adams flea spray for your home and outside and the medicine does not go into the skin or blood stream if you wash the dog with “soap” the medicine comes off.
    working in a pet store gives you great information

  6. Chula Lula

    it is absorbed through the skin. it works like the little pills that are swallowed when you have a hurt knee or headache. They go in to the stomach and are disbursed throughout the entire system.

  7. Robert

    The flea treatment is absorbed through the skin and affects the whole skin area of the body.Putting it between the shoulder blades (dogs/cats) prevents them from licking it off.

  8. Bonzie12

    because the medicine goes into the skin and through the blood system of the dog which protects the entire dog.

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