I have five kittens that are a week old and have already contracted fleas! Is there any way of treating them? Is there any way i can make the kittens more comfortable?


  1. Akitas are Bomb

    That is very young I would deffently contact your vet they can tell you what you will need to do

  2. joe e

    i personally would get a flea comb and just run it through fur and just keep doing that as there is nothing you can put on a kitten so young

  3. fenlandf

    ask the vet. Had you taken care to keep the mother cat and your home, from being flea infected, this would not have happened. Fleas can kill kittens so get to a vet ASAP and buy something safe and appropriate. You will need to treat the kittens, plus the mother and them fumigate your flea infested home too. Since the mother cat has fleas, she will also have tapeworms get her a wormed and another to use with the kittens when they are old enough. Then practice proper hygiene and flea and worm the cat regularly. I am disgusted that people happily live in flea ridden homes. I have 8 dogs and 10 cats and none of them have fleas or worms because they are treated regularly.My house and pets aren’t filthy and vermin ridden. Ewww!!!

  4. Caroline

    Really i think you need to see a vet asap. You can’t treat the mum in case its bad for the babies.Someone said most kittens are born with fleas! How can that be so ? They dont come out of the womb with fleas. No i think this is quite serious and needs to be attended to straight away. Hope you can get it sorted.

  5. PPP

    Phone your vet and ask for frontline spray, this is safe to use on kittens and puppies from 3 days of age and is a very good product

  6. Groomer Liz

    ppp is dead wrong. Do not use frontline or any other product on kittens. fendlandf is ridiculous telling people what they should have done before hand. Learn something about the infestation of fleas before you tell someone what they should have done. A pregnant flea can jump off a cat, squirrel, raccoon or neighbors dog into your yard or nearby. One pregnant flea can deliver 4,000 eggs in a single laying. You can go from having a flea free existence to being overwhelmed by them. You can use Advantage on the mother. The only safe thing to do for the kittens, is a bath in ivory or dawn dish liquid. This will only kill what’s on them at the moment. Dish liquid will dry out the coat and skin and is not a long term answer. Fleas don’t live on your dog, they merely feed. So you probably have an infestation throughout your home and yard. If you have other pets, put Advantage on them as well, they will help exterminate the home and yard. If you have carpet, you can use a product made up of boric acid that will kill fleas on the carpet. Flea Stoppers is really good. Fleas make contact and it removes their exoskeleton. Treat the areas around the kittens, but not the kittens. Don’t worry about them not surviving. There wouldn’t be any feral cats around if that were the case. Just stay on top of it as best you can. Consult your Vets office, but don’t go in for an office visit, they can help you out over the phone.
    Good Luck

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