Been told not to use the usual things for fleas, because it will make puppies sick and the moter too. Please help!!


  1. Freedom

    Fleas can kill a litter of pups quick. Keep checking their gums often and if they start to look gray or white you are in serious trouble.
    Keep the area clean and clean it several times a day. Where are these puppies? In the house? If not, clean them and run a flea comb over them and bring them inso they don’t get fleas again. You can treat the mother with frontline but this won’t help the puppies if there are in the bedding.
    It’s going to take a lot of work and dedication on your part to get them off. You can wash their bedding in Mule Team 20 Borax. You can actually clean the pups gently with that and use a flea comb. But you will have to rinse them very well.
    Mix some in he sink with wrm water and dunk them. (Not their heads) and use a flea comb under water.
    You can use some cedar shavings in their nesting box too although to much of that can cause respiratory issues. I’m talking about sprinkling a couple of handfuls of it, not a thick layer. You may have to remove mom nad pups from the house for a few hours and do a flea bomb. Consult your vet too. Do not use any over the counter flea control. Your pups will die.

  2. leftygir

    you cannot use any flea product on mom until the pups are weaned and cannot use any flea product on the pups until they are at least 7 weeks old. Contact your vet if the flea problem is a major concern. Fleas can kill little pups by making them anemic

  3. Katslookup - a Fostering Fool!

    I had the same problem. The vet suggested that I give the mother a Capstar, and then use Advantage on her. I did this, and everything was fine.

  4. ♥Golden gal♥

    You can use Front line flea treatment on the mom. It is safe for her. The pups are another story. You cant use anything on them. You need to clean the entire whelping area and the bedding too. Get mom flea free first. You will have to pick the fleas off the babies. Use a flea comb too. You will have to keep up with the babies because the fleas will make them very sick and possibly anemic from the fleas sucking all their tiny supply of blood out of them.

  5. None

    Well, mom should have been treated before she had puppies. That way the puppies wouldn’t have fleas either. Bathe them in Blue Dawn or another mild dish soap. Anything will work if you make sure to get off all the fleas. However, it will not prevent fleas from coming back – especially if they’re in the house. I would NOT bathe week old puppies. Buy a small, fine flea comb and drop the fleas into a bowl of water and dump them down the drain. Make sure to run water for a couple of minutes to make sure they’re drowned.

  6. Josh a

    for the momma you can rub sulfur on her be careful not to get it around her nipples and the puppies you need a flea wash made just for puppies

  7. Help

    Try bathing all in the “DAWN” dish washing liquid,this will kill the fleas and is absolutely safe for both Mom and Pups.Be sure to rinse and dry well after bath.

  8. 3$Bill

    Use an aerosol (water mix) with Lavendar essential oil. about 10 drops of oil per oz of distilled water in a spray bottle. Fleas hate the stuff and it smells good.

  9. apey37

    if u cannot find Basic H on the previous persons answer then try this
    momma can be flea dipped (if not then the dawn way also works – ask your vet)
    babies can be -very carefully- washed in lukewarm water and dawn dish washing liquid
    dawn does more than just degrease
    do not put the dawn in the water
    wet the puppy with the water and then put some dawn on to a rag and gently wash the puppies that way after which take a clean rag and gently wash the puppy clean of the dawn.

  10. safety video

    Give the mom and pups a bath..DO NOT USE FLEA MEDICATED SHAMPOO.. Get some sensitive skin dog shampoo. This will likely get rid of most of them for the time being. While you are bathing them use a flea comb. Leave the shampoo on while combing them and keep the ones that have had a bath seperate from the others untill they are all done.. I would start with mom..
    Only use shampoo made for puppies on the youngsters..DO NOT USE dishwashing liquid..shampoo made for humans..or anything else that is not labled “For puppies”…Anything else will dry out their skin!!!
    Good luck!!

  11. Ang

    I highly recommend Shaklee’s Basic H2. It is a chemical free all purpose cleaner. I use it on my cats and dogs. It will not hurt if ingested, in fact it will kill any tape worms they may have. It will kills the fleas, it also kills lice. It is also concentrated and can be used for a lot of different things and last a long time.

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