I have a young cat (about 4 months old) and she is completely infested with fleas. I put advantage and frontline and they never do anything. I’ll use a flea comb to get some by hand but that only works for about an hour. She stays indoors but I have another cat who is outdoors, but I give him flea treatments as well and they seem to work. Am I missing something? Should I try a flea bath? What should I do??


  1. Sister blue eyes

    You need to give her flea treatment, you need to flea bomb your house and vacuum daily – at first vacuum everything, your couch, your carpet, your bed – EVERYTHING!
    The good news is that even flea eggs can’t survive a vacuum, however, you may also consider putting a flea collar in the vacuum bag and make sure you throw it out.

  2. Luna

    the fleas are in your house and just keep hopping on your indoor cat. you need to exterminate your house, give the cat a bath and then keep them both on flea prevention. frontline plus is supposed to be the best but doesn’t mean it will be for your cat. also make sure the flea treatment kills fleas and their eggs (growth regulator).
    your outdoor cat probably carried the fleas in. they aren’t biting him, but they are taking a ride in, now you need to get them out of your place!

  3. 5 angels in heaven

    you need to get a flea bomb for your house, fleas spend most of their time off your pet, in the carpet and other areas.

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