These are indoor cats that never go out.So I am sure the outside cats have fleas too.I need a way to break the fleas cycle.Any suggestions please,(besides get rid of the cats).


  1. Nichka

    First treat your cats with Frontline flea med. You can get it at a vet- possibly over the counter. Then set flea bombs. It will be your best bet. Good luck!

  2. Ani Banani Coconut

    If you are consistent, this will work! Every night, before you go to bed, sprinkle regular table salt all over the floors, carpeted and hard wood and linoleum, just sprinkle it everywhere! Then, when you get up the next morning, vacuum the salt up. The fleas are attracted to the salt, partly because it is white. They eat the salt and it totally dehydrates them! True story! And what you do to kind-of keep track of how many fleas are active at night, here is what ya do, get a shallow dish pan, or even a pie plate, or some container that will hold a few inches of water. Put water in pan and add about half a cup or so of cooking oil or baby oil or something very slick. Also, squeeze some liquid dish detergent in there. Get a reading or desk lamp and set it on the floor next to the pan of water. Position the bulb over the pan of water and, of course, turn it on. It needs to be the only light source i8n the room. When you get up the next morning, you’ll see how many fleas were around to jump in but not jump out. After a few days of the salt treatment and putting a fresh pan with soapy water and stuff down, you’ll start to see fewer and fewer and fleas each morning. It’s funny, I worked for a critter doctor years ago, and this method was hush-hush around the office! Good luck!

  3. crazy_ca

    first drop your cats off at the vets and get the capstarr which will start killing the fleas in about 20 minutes. then while the cats are at the vet getting the capstarr have somebody else shampoo all the carpet. flea larva lives under the furniture so make sure to move it all around, or get new furniture if its that bad. are you cats long haired if they are take them to the groomers to have it trimmed. don’t waste your money on flea collars all they do is protect you cats neck from fleas not the entire body.also every 30 days give your cats a flea treatment the vet can prescribe to stop them from coming back. never just give away your animal because of fleas. when you get the animal you signed up for whatever happens to them and fleas can be common.
    don’t give your cats a flea bath that can be very very toxic to your cats. If you don’t believe me ask the vet. I made that mistake once.

  4. SuzyQ

    I don;t know how to stop them indoors, other than vacuuming daily, but as for the cat, you cannot get rid of fleas on cats or dogs for that matter completely, if an animal has no fleas then it generally means they are unwell

  5. KimbeeJ

    Use Advantage (I think it kills fleas faster than Frontline, but Frontline is good too)every month on all the cats and eventually you will break the cycle. Both products are extremely safe because they don’t get absorbed into the pets bloodstream like other over the counter products. Flea baths may only kill the adult fleas on the pet, but they offer no residual protection. Pretty much useless way to get rid of fleas. May take a few months as there could literally be thousands of flea eggs in the environment that will hatch. You can spray the carpets and under furniture for eggs to help shorten the process. I have 5 dogs and 1 cat and haven’t had fleas in years.

  6. Toxy

    Bathe your cat At least twice a week with A flee killing shampoo, and get a flee collar for your cats.
    Get a flee spray and spray it on your house.

  7. hearthec

    Agreed Frontline. Flea Bombs inside. Treat yard with a bug killing granules that you spread with a spreader. Something like bugbgone,ridabug, etc.
    This sounds far fetched but it came from my vet and worked. I am allergic to the smell of the bombs so i vacuumed daily and sprayed my carpets at night with alcohol. Yes, alcohol. Get you a spray mist bottle and fill with alcohol. Mist the carpets at night. The fleas will slowly disappear as alcohol makes them curl up their little toes…well feet maybe.

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