I have a 3 year old Yorkie puppy. My mom was giving her a bath and noticed fleas on her. I think she got them off of the dog, but was worried they might be on the dogs bed. How do we get them off her bed? Also, how long do fleas live on a dog and other things. Thanks in advance!



  1. Shelly B

    You need to contact your local vet for flea treatment…fleas are sooo hard to get rid of..you need to treat your whole house…not just the dog bed…..they can be anyplace your dog lays…furniture..your bed…carpets…anyplace..and it only takes 1….treating the entire house..as well as the dog is the only solution.

  2. alomew_r

    wash everything thoroughly including all bedding, sheets…etc. If they were on the dog and the dog slept in the bed then yes, there is a good chance they are in the bed. You should also check your carpeting. If they are in your carpeting, you may want to investigate fumigating your home with a flea bomb but always read the directions on it before usage. Also – it is unlikely that your Mom got them all unless she shampooed the dog with something to kill fleas. Fleas burrow into or under the skin. You might think they are gone but without proper treatment, there is a good chance the dog is still infested.

  3. Wordpress Autoblog Software

    Hi, you’ll have to do more than just wash your Yorke’s bed in good hot water. You’ll have to fume agate your house also to make sure they are all gone…… They’ll even jump on you but prefer a animal…. The cycle is a vicious process and you have to do the whole house where ever she’s been and if you dont do this you’ll have them forever. Vacuum every day but you’ll have to use a new bag each time. Bag the vacuum cleaner bag and throw it away, wash all your bedding. It can be a big mess !

  4. Marie Q

    you either boil that bedding in hot water and soap or get a new mattress…mop and make sure the area around the beding is pest free…spray the anti flea spray and let it dry before putting the new bedding
    remember to sun the bedding at least once every 2days to keep the fleas away

  5. playas_g

    hmm if it’s only on your dogs bed then take your dogs bed outside and hang it to the fleas get loose outside. also yes bomb your house (it’s a bomb to get bugs out of your house) but if i were you, please remove animals and children out of the house. while the bomb is going on get your dogs and childrens toys out of the house and hang his bed outside. if not shut the door and stick a towl under the door so none of the bomb gets in their room. (thats only if you have kids and of course your pets)

  6. Jennifer H

    Get frontline spray its the best stuff and you can use it on your dogs bed and your dog and its safe to be around, it works great i used it when i had a flea infestation and havent had fleas since

  7. Doc

    If you dont have some type of flea and tick prevention, it would be good to start one. Both can lead to certain deseases or infections for the animal. Fleas can multiply extremely fast so the faster you fix the problem the easier it will be. There are certain products to put on carpets that you vaccum up, or you can set off “bombs” in your house (takes alot more time and prep)
    but either way the quicker the better

  8. J

    Sprinkle salt on it and then vaccuum it up after a little while.
    The fleas eat the salt and it like dehydrates them to death or something lol.
    I don’t know exactly how it works but it worked for us without having to use nasty chemicals.

  9. The Dog Shouter (Whisperer?)

    If you attempt to “clean” fleas off your dog and bedding, you are never going to get them all. Fleas migrate to where you aren’t “cleaning”. Get your dog started on SENTINEL heartworm pills. SENTINEL prevents fleas and ticks.
    Then, go to ACE Hardware or Lowes or Home Depot, etc., and get a “bug bomb.” Get everyone out of the house for the day – including your dog of course – and light the bug bomb – which is like a candle (not a bomb). The candle(s) will kill all insects in the house. Mission accomplished.

  10. Gabriel ?

    Step1: Use a flea spray.
    Step2: Dont let your dog sleep on the bed for like 2 days. Step3:for those 2 days put flea spray on the dog and the dogs bed.
    Step4:check your dogs fur. This answer might work.

  11. eyeclops bionic eye multizoom

    you need to smoke your whole house with a raid bomb if your dog has fleas (cause they can go everywhere and live a long long time) but if it was only one or two then wash her bedding and spray with a repellent that is pet friendly (petco)

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