I have fleas in my house and I need a way to get them out. It’s really hard to take my cat out of my house because he gets carsick, and I have two step children who come over every other weekend and I think that they’re the ones bringing fleas into my home. What should I do?



  1. mystic_e

    Use diatomaceous earth it is safe, non-toxic and effective. Basically what it is is ground up fossilized sea-plants, it has microscopic sharp edges that make holes in the exoskeleton of bugs and causes them to dry out and die. It is only a problem to mammals if you rub a large quantity in you eye, some people even use it to deworm animals (so they give it orally).
    Essential oils such as lavender and cedar can also repel fleas, so you could spray your step kids before you pick them up. Also you can apply essential oils to the cat to help stop the fleas from eating her.http://www.pmra-arla.gc.ca/english/consu…http://www.petacular.com/products/Diatom…http://www.vitalitymagazine.com/node/384

  2. gamer2u

    We had the same problem but with the fleas, we fixed it with a flea bomb it worked like a charm also you should mabye invest in a flea collar for your cat just in case and your step children lol jk

  3. dsgrieve

    Sprinkle some sodium polyborate on the carpet and vacuum. You can get a flea powder with sodium polyborate at a better pet store or check with your vet. Vacuum daily, especially in areas that your pet frequents.

  4. allison k

    its probably your cat that has fleas, fleas dont live for long enough on humans to be brought into your home.
    treat your cat with revolution as flea powders and combing dont work, especially if you have an infestation in your home.
    you can get sprays for you home by revolution also.
    if you use the drops on your cat every month your home will stay flea free

  5. John T

    Bomb the house and get some flea stuff for your cat from the vet. Frontline works great. The kids are not bringing fleas in, it’s the cat.

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