When I got home today, I cleaned the house. I vaccumed my bedroom twice after discovering there was fleas in it. Recently, I have found fleas crawling in my socks and I put down a small bowl of water and table salt all over my bedroom floor. Will this work? Also, does it help keeping my cat indoors she is an indoor/outdoor cat.


  1. janieshe

    Hi there, the cat needs to stay in the house..if she is fixed and declawed according to the vets, they should NEVER be outside………….. you bring fleas in on your shoes and she brings them in on her fur.. you need to put her in the garage or another place and bomb the house good…. pick up throw rugs, open closets, stand mattresses on end…….. then bomb away…you might have to do this two times to kill the eggs or new hatched fleas……… then you can vacuum …. and dump your sweeper bag or container……..they can stay alive in there indefinitaly…… good luck……. they are hard to get rid of once you have them..

  2. justhere

    start taking a bath and shave your body hair….LMAO..jk ..i am pretty sure they sell some type of powder or spray at the petstore…

  3. man_mara

    the only way you can have fleas is from a dog,so go to a vet store and ask about the special collars

  4. fionabto

    You have to bomb your WHOLE HOUSE. Get the cat dipped. Keep her in if possible. Or use a liquid flea repellent. Sprinkle flea powder on the floor and vacuum every day , until they are gone and so are their eggs

  5. aggylu

    Someone else asked the same question recently, and got a LOT of information. Here’s the linkhttp://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;…

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