Lets say your pet has fleas. You buy him or her a flea collar, and they go away on the animal. However, the fleas somehow decide they want to continue living in your home (somewhere not so close to where the animal resides). How do I get rid of them!?



  1. mutt_buf

    Buy some flea bombs ( aka flea foggers )http://www.fleascontrol.com/flea-bomb.ht…http://www.pet-dog-cat-supply-store.com/…
    When I had the problem, I used one in each room. Be sure to follow the instructions to the letter. You will need to remove your pets and yourself from your home for a period of hours … I remember 6 hours, but whatever product you buy will tell you exactly how long.
    The way I dealt with the “bombing” was to first remove all bedding – human & pet – and to drop my pets off at the groomer … then I’d set the bombs, leave the house and wash the bedding. Once it was safe to go back into the house, I’d vaccuum thoroughly.
    Granted, it sounds a bit labor intensive, but the bombs / foggers really do work like a charm … well worth the extra efforts.
    Good Luck !

  2. Jake

    Hi use a flea spray from the vets s these are the best sort to use seeming it is a prescription one & not the sort that pet store let you have that is at times little or no use at all…Regards Jake

  3. ohh baby

    first of all, flea the animals again.then but a spray can of flea spray for your home and spray the rooms where they are.then when you come back in, hover it well and wash all covers (bed, cushions etc) and there you go…bye bye fleas.
    good luck

  4. Deana G

    buy flea powder that you use on your carpet and furniture, vacuume well..wash all your bedding and dry it.

  5. Pat B

    Dawn kills fleas
    You have to wash every thing that has fabric the same day. Take animals in to be dipped. or when you bath them be sure to make a thick ring of soap around the neck or the fleas will hide in the ears til the bath is over.
    couple days later repeat process.
    this has been our worst year for fleas.
    Treat your yard.
    Beware read labels.
    Next year I’m planting aa lot more citronella plants it keeps down the bugs in the grass.
    Also I’m treating my grass before fall they were murder this year.
    Avon skin so soft oil, I heard is good as repelent for their fur.
    Unfortunately, I allergic to insecticides, bombs,collars, dust replelent.
    Don’t let it go in a couple of days they multiply. By the end of the week you think your going insane with itching.

  6. kc_warpa

    Start by bathing the dog with flea shampoo. If the flea infestation is extremely bad, get a “flea dip” for your dog. If we’re talking about a cat, be sure to get products especially labelled for use on cats because dog products are too strong and will harm your cat! After the dog is dry, put doggy in a kennel while you deal with the rest of the house.
    Strip all the bedding in the house, especially pet beds. Wash in the hottest water possible, and dry at the highest setting possible without ruining the fabrics.
    Use a spray-on product like “Raid” for fleas on all the bedding and stuffed furniture. Vaccum very well and dispose of the vacuum bag immediately by taking the vacuum outside to remove the bag. Spray the inside of the vacuum canister with “Raid” for fleas. Use a spray-on like “Raid” outdoors for fleas in your yard. Follow the package directions on both products.
    For carpets sprinkle “20 Mule Team Borax” on the capets. Allow the borax to sit overnight, and vacuum the carpets well. Again, dispose of the vacuum bag immediately by taking the vacuum outside to remove the bag. And again, spray the inside of the vacuum with “Raid” for fleas.
    You will have to repeat these steps a few times over the next several months to get rid of all the fleas and all the flea eggs. Flea eggs can lie dormant for up to a year before hatching, and one female flea can lay thousands of eggs.
    You can also buy a bug-bomb product to treat your home, but you MUST follow the label instructions exactly. You have to remove all the people and pets from the home. You have to shut off all gas pilot lights — the water heater, the furnace, the stove, ect. — before releasing the chemicals. You have to wash all horizontal surfaces like tables and counter-tops after the chemicals have been sprayed. Anything else and you risk everything from explosions to poisoning. Please follow the label instructions!!!!
    To treat your dog in the future, use a product like “K-9 Advantage” instead of a flea collar. They’re much more effective and you don’t have to worry about children playing with the medicated collar. Treat your dog with the “K-9 Advantage” after the fur is dry from the bath. You can apply the “K-9 Advantage” immediately to give your dog some relief from the fleas, but you need to wait 72 hours after applying the “K-9 Advantage” before bathing.
    PS — Don’t forget to spray the “Raid” for fleas in the kennel and your cars or any other areas where doggy (or kitty) has been to get the fleas there, too.

  7. Roxy

    Has anyone tried a mixture of Salt and Baking soda sprinkled around the house?

    If so, what is the best procedure? How long do I keep it on carpets before vacuuming? How often do I use it? Do I put it everywhere including leather sofas and ceramic/wood flooring?

  8. kath6814

    Vacuum really well and through out the bag. If you can, wash pillows, bedding, etc. in hot water. Did you know you can bring fleas in on your clothes? I didn’t know that until the vet told me that the other day.

  9. Music Producer

    go to a vet and buy advantage flea drops, its a tiny one dose tube you put at the back of their necks. each animal gets a tube of it once a month. i had 6 cats and the house was jumping, but after i gave them the flea drops, in two weeks i could see that the fleas in the carpet were gone too. another brand some vets sell is called revoloution. nothing you buy at a pet store works and flea collars dont really work, but this stuff really does.

  10. Probiotika All in 1000 - probiotischen Joghurt selber machen

    I know fleas do not like garlic, salt water and soapy water.
    You could try sprinkling some garlic powder in the area and let it settle for a day. I have done that and it worked.Yes, you will be stuck with the smell, but it does work. The smell does go away after sometime. Good vaccuming helps and the more you vaccum till you get rid of the fleas the better.
    You could also try making up some salt water and try spraying some of that in the area, however I am not sure what it would do to your carpet or furniture.
    Good Luck

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