The dog has been treated with Frontline Plus, the carpet shampooed and treated with Raid flea killer, the bedding washed, and the dog sprayed with a natural flea spray.
I think he keeps getting re-infested due to fleas in the common areas outside my apartment where he goes potty. Should I try to treat these areas myself? What should I use? Is it the apartment manager’s responsibility to take care of flea problems outside?


  1. lydias_l

    You have to treat the area with flea killer in the areas where you take your little one….go tho Home Depot or Walmart……follow the diredtions for killing fleas in the grass.
    I you use diffrent rooms close those doors in the rooms that he isn’t sleeping in and put a small bowl w/little liquid soap and a lamp on the foor next to it…the fleas are attracted to the light…jump, land in the bowl and die….u can see haw many go ther when you flush the bowl of water!!!

  2. Balance

    I lived in an apartment complex once.Had a small dog and only took her out on a leash.She got fleas like crazy and i could not figure out why.We did everything you have done.Then i found out that cats are actually the carriers of fleas and as they travel around they deposit the fleas and flea eggs in the area.We had many cats running around that apartment complex so this made sense.We moved to to an place where cats in that community were not allowed to roam free.No more fleas.You may find a way to get the fleas out of your grass but the first flea infested cat that walks through your yard will bring them back.

  3. Jessica R

    To rid your yard of fleas and flea eggs, buy some Tide with bleach laundry soap (powder) and sprinkle it lightly around your yard. Then, spray thoroughly with water. It will sterilize the eggs, and kill off the adults.

  4. Funny Demotivationals

    bleach kill any thing including grass. malathion C10H19O6PS2 compound, use as directed, keep out of reach from children, wash hands and clothing after use, do not use in in closed areas. rinse with soap and water if contact with skin, rinse with cold water if contact with eyes and call a doctor

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