What are some ways to get rid of fleas off my dogs and out of my house? Some ways that ACTUALLY WORK!


  1. <3 Jace Wayland <3

    Ask your vet about what flea solutions he/she might recommend for your dog. If your vet recommends it, it might be pricey but at least you know it will work. Talk to your vet.

  2. Julia

    My area is the worst for fleas! When we first moved in they were both on frontline and got weekly flea baths but nothing. So I switched them to Comfortis which is a chewable flea tablet and also went to home depot and bought a home defense spray that says for fleas. This is the only thing that has totally wiped out fleas completely in my house. I completely recomend!!!

  3. ohai!

    you can buy a flea house spray for your household items.
    try flea shampoo and flea spray, get yourself a flea comb.
    if you bring your pet to the vets they’d spray your dog.

  4. Bobbie L

    You go to your vet for proper meds for your dog and you have an exterminator come out and spray your house and yard.

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