I’ve had a flea problem for THREE months. The fleas entered my house through a piece of furniture i got from a friend (which has been recently removed a month ago). I’ve used Virbac flea bombs, vacuumed the whole house multiple times and thrown out the bag. Treated my carpet and furniture with flea powder and have NO animals. I’ve also removed all of my bedding, rugs, and clothing from my house and washed it elsewhere.


  1. Vicki J

    If you have treated your house with the flea bombs, and treated your yard as well, I would think your flea infestation is bad enough that you need to call an exterminator. Since you do not have a dog that keeps bringing them in, they are in flea larvae in your house. Even though you kill them, the eggs keep hatching and you can’t get rid o them for good. It should not be very costly, and you will get rid of those pesky pests.

  2. Anonymous

    Stop in at a veterinary clinic, and purchase flea control products from them…then follow the vet clinic’s instructions to the letter. Vets, in my opinion, have the very best advice and products to deal with fleas. Good luck with getting rid of them…it CAN be done with the right products.

  3. Kenesha[

    well if you’ve done all of that, then I suggest you get your carpet deep cleaned. Also, fleas like warmth! If you have air-conditioning, try to keep that on for the day. Try bombing your entire home again; bathroom, living room, your room!

  4. Bonzie12

    Maybe a professional exterminator is the next step. They have stronger chemicals to use in fighting flea infestation then what are sold in stores. It might cost more up front, but you would probably save money in the long run.

  5. Rayven ~ Life's a B

    Time to call the professionals in. Call around to different pest control companies and see what kind of estimates they can give you and go with whatever one works for you.

  6. YoGabbaG

    unless you go to the vet you can also get the original dawn soap & wash your stuff with that int he washer
    i did it & it kills all the fleas!

  7. Anti - Barbie

    We used a special powder on all the carpets and then shampooed them all. That and treating the dog worked like magic.

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