The situation is that my roommate front lined her cat to get rid of the fleas and sprayed our entire apt. We no longer see the fleas on the cat or the eggs we used to see on furniture, but I STILL have bites. I’m the only one whoever got the bites, so I am thinking I am highly allergic. How do I get rid of these once and for all. Please reccomend specific products and names of brands so I know what to look for. I’m also thinking of defogging my room. Any experience with that? What did you use?


  1. Duh

    Well, You need to be vacuuming the carpets every day, everywhere (cracks and baseboards) and then you need to throw the vacuum bag out after each vacuum because the fleas can get out of the bag. You need to make sure the cat does not go outdoors.
    If you fog or spray anywhere you need to make sure you open ALL YOUR WINDOWS after wards for fresh air and also wipe down any and all furniture etc with a washcloth (damp) to get all the fogger stuff off of them. Wash all dishes etc.
    That should do it. You need to break the fleas life cycle.

  2. Savannah

    Go to your local pest control store and ask for a product that is in an aerosol can called “Precor 2000 Plus Premise Spray” It worked wonders on my house. It kills the fleas right away and makes the new fleas that will hatch sterile so the eggs they lay wont hatch.

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