We thought we saw fleas outside, so we’re guessing our indoor Cavalier has them. It’s hard to tell though since she’s mostly black, and barely any white. How can we tell? If she doesn’t have fleas, would it be really bad if we gave her K9 Advantix?


  1. Cookie

    Check her skin in any white areas she does have. Are there little black specks? Not actual bugs, just little dots that look like dirt? This is flea dirt. For a black dog, scratch her body with your fingernails as if you were giving her affection. Have you trapped any black specks under your nails? Again, flea dirt meaning she could have fleas. If there were fleas outside, then she probably has fleas as well. The treatment you choose is up to you, however you can use K9 Advantix. It’s a monthly treatment to not only get rid of fleas, but to prevent them as well. So even if she doesn’t have fleas, it would be fine to use it on her.

  2. daa

    Use a flea comb. If you comb off any fleas, you’ll know there are more. Another thing you can do is set your dog on a white towel. Ruffle his fur a bit and see if any tiny black specks (like fine dirt) fall off onto the towel. If so, wet your fingers and rub some of the black specks. If they turn red, that’s flea dirt.

  3. Maxi

    Fleas like to ‘live’ in the warmer places on dogs, under their armpit, around their ears, bum, belly. You can use a flea comb which will soon tell you if she has fleas.
    I don’t use chemical sprays, I give mine x2 brewers yeast tablets and x1 garlic pearl daily, have done for as long as I have had dogs and never had a problem with fleas, ticks or worms. With rescues dogs in the centres that I work with I use neem oil and I find both are very good.

  4. bluebonn

    Let her sleep on something white. The next morning spray the cloth with some water & if the little black spots turn red she has fleas. That is flea feces.
    Fog the house & treat the yard when you treat your dogs. If they get clean of fleas & are released back into the same infested area the treatment won’t work. They will continue to get fleas. I have heard it said that if you see one flea in your house there are 500 you don’t see.

  5. Dilina [left this joint]

    If you see any blackness that moves, you can be pretty sure they’re fleas 😉
    (Yeah, I’m not really an expert.)
    And I would talk to your vet about Advantix.


    she should be on once a month flea stuff…. during the summer ….
    frontline plus is a good choice
    you want to give them the preventative BEFORE they have fleas ,, so they don’t get them,

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