I have two dogs that when in the yard bark at everything. I have one Bark collar, but it does not seem to work most of the time.


  1. Whippet keeper

    Yard dogs tend to bark. Training and plenty of exercise work much better than any collar. I gave my dogs a dog door into a gated area in the house, as long as they had access into the house they did not bark overly much. Dogs hate being separated from their owner, and being put outside can make that worse.
    If they are just barking anytime they go out, I’d say find a trainer http://dogpro.org and exercise them more…off the property. Dogs get bored easily.

  2. Suavesit

    I am not trying to be mean, but why do you own dogs if you dont want to hear them bark? Next time you should really research the breed that you are getting as there are some breeds that bark less than others.


    Barking dogs are ONLY trying to tell its owner that there is something different going on. With that said: Barking is normal but has to be under control. I stopped all my dogs from barking by shouting NO when it was inappropriate. Like when my neighbors dogs start to bark. Now my dog knows when to bark and when not to bark. It is all about being consistent.

    The neighbors dog over the fence I use a garden hose and with a loud NO the dogs shuts up.

    Hope this helps.

  4. evolvedi

    Collars do not stop barking. Sometimes excessive barking is caused by boredom. Give the dogs some toys to play with and spend some time with them when they are in the yard. Also, the dogs will bark to let you know of possible intruders and to let others know that they are too close to their territory. They also bark to communicate with other dogs. Having said all that, try some obedience training. You can actually cut a dog’s barking significantly with proper training. Check with your local ASPCA for classes in your area or if you have a Petsmart nearby they usually have good low-cost classes.

  5. mckahlan

    Find out why he is barking and then work to deter the behaviour. Seek the help of a trainer if necessary. Bark collars are cruel and sometimes only help to confuse the poor dog. They are supposed to shock the dog in response to the vibration in their throat when they bark, but other vibrations – such as the impact of hitting the floor if the dog lies down – can cause it to shock too.

  6. Gloria T

    You need to sort out WHY your dogs are barking. There is no magic fix collar. Are they bored?

  7. snickdog

    Collars do not stop dogs from barking. They suppress a natural behavior that is happening for a reason. What’s the reason?
    What stops a dog from barking is finding out WHY the dog bardk, then addressing the reason. Do you leave your dogs outdoors in the yard all day by themselves? Then it could be boredom or lonliness. It could also be barrier frustration — there’s all kinds of stuff going on that they can’t join in with! Or, maybe someone is teasing them. Or, maybe if they don’t have anything else to do, they have decided that their job is to let YOU know when anything comes by the yard.
    Things to try: Don’t leave your dogs outside alone. Go out and play with them. Give them stuff to do. Exercise them more. Give them jobs — teach them something. Get ‘brain toys’ for them to play with, something to exercise them mentally.
    Another reason that dogs bark a lot, BTW, is medical. Dogs who are going deaf are known for barking a lot: it’s hard to understand why you can FEEL yourself speaking, but can’t hear it…

  8. Matt B

    I have a dog that barks like crazy…I found a device @ Petsmart that you put on the wall, everytime he barks, it sends a ultra sonic sound that will hurt his ears, stopping him from barking, they also have bark collars.

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