My three kittens are 1 week old and have lots of fleas. The mom never had fleas before. How can I treat all of them, being so young?


  1. J C

    What you need to do is flea treat mom with either Frontline or Advantage. Those are both safe for nursing moms, and will kill the fleas on the kittens too. Change and wash their bedding daily, as that will kill the flea eggs. Do NOT use any kind of Hartz, Sargent, Zodiac, etc flea medication on mom, as it can kill the kittens.
    ETA: Tea tree oil is toxic to cats, do not use it on the kittens even at that dilute dosage.

  2. Faceâ„¢

    this is kinda long. sorry [=
    Purchase a flea comb, dish soap or a kitten shampoo, and tea tree essential oil. Make sure that the oil is 100 percent therapeutic grade.
    Step 2
    Place a white towel or sheet on the floor and put your kitten on top of it. This white background will help you see the fleas better. Use the flea comb to brush through the kitten’s hair. Examine the hair in sections. Start with the kitten’s back and then move onto its legs, tail, belly and face. Comb against the grain of the hair and look for dirt, which is usually flea feces. If you see any fleas or flea feces, drop them into a bowl of soapy water.
    Step 3
    Fill up a sink with lukewarm water and pour in a small amount of dish soap. If you use Dawn dish soap, you will not need a lot. After the water gets bubbly, deposit one to three drops of tea tree oil into the water. Mix the oil in the water with your hand. Gently place the kitten into the water. Try to remain calm and praise the kitten so it doesn’t become afraid of baths. You can use gloves to protect yourself from the kitten’s claws.
    Step 4
    Make a cup with your hand and pour water onto the kitten’s back. Wet all of the kitten’s hair, except for the hair on its face. Avoid getting soap, water and the oil into the kitten’s eyes. If the kitten isn’t cooperative, don’t use the essential oil in the water. After the kitten is thoroughly wet, make circular motions in its hair with the tips of your fingers. Try to get the soapy water down to the roots of the kitten’s hair.
    Step 5
    Let the dirty water drain from the sink while you rinse off the kitten with fresh, lukewarm water. Rinse many times, until you no longer see soap bubbles. It’s important to make sure the soap and oil are off the kitten so it doesn’t lick them later when it cleans itself.
    Step 6
    Place your kitten on a clean, white towel and comb through its hair again. Use a different clean towel to dry the kitten’s hair. After the kitten is dry, immediately place all dirty linen into the washing machine.
    Step 7
    Fill a spray bottle with water and add 5 to 10 drops of tea tree essential oil. You can also use citronella, wintergreen or eucalyptus. Spray your carpets with this solution; when it dries, vacuum. Do this a couple of times a day until the fleas are gone. Keep the kitten in a crate so that it’s off the carpet.

  3. Tea

    I agree with J C.
    Tea Tree Oil can be good for many things, but I would never use it on my cat. It can be toxic, and cause allergy.
    Use Frontline or Advantage.
    If your cats are allowed outside, it can also be used to prevent fleas.
    (And congratulations with the kittens – enjoy them!)

  4. Michelle

    Interesting, my kittens are about 9 weeks old and I took them to get treated for their shot and they had tons of flea dirt. The vet put advantage on them and I got a flea come but what a time trying to get the flea dirt out. It is complicated and hard to do, I am concerned about the flys now. I don’t want that happen to my babies. The vet suggested to try to use my nails or a wet cotton ball to get the flea dirt off, not to shampoo them because it would rinse out the advantage. Any other suggestions?

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