I have a cat that just had 4 beautiful Kittys and the mother cat seems fine . The Kittys however have fleas , and I need help how can I get rid of them pleas any sugestions are very welcome thank you !



    it means that the Mother cats also has fleas.
    change the cat/kitten blanket .
    treat the Mother cat with frontline spray . Front;line spray can be used on kittens as young as two days old and also on nursing queens. you can get it from the vets ..
    Seperate Mum and kittens . Spray Mums back head and tail .but. avoid the nipple area..
    Put a little bit of thepray on the palm of you hand rub the kittens one by one in it..
    Do not put Mum and Kittens back together again until the frontline has dried on their fur otherwise Mum may be tempted to lick it off and that will give her diarrohea..
    Good luck

  2. Rmorsy

    My kitten had fleas as well. We took him to the vet and they gave us this little gel that you put on the back of his neck. A spot where he can’t lick it off or scratch that easily. I also purchased an IGR (insect growth regulator) that kills fleas in 3 out of their 4 life cycles (egg, larvae, shelled like a caterpillar, and adult). You also have to vacuum EVERYWHERE. You have to get under couch cushions, in the corner of the carpet. Along the molding on the floor with the crevice tool and do that often. But with the IGR you sprinkle it on the carpet and don’t vacuum for about 15 days than you can vacuum..

  3. aattura

    Take them to the vet at once. The vet can take care of this safely, without the kittens being poisoned. Fleas on newborn kittens can give them fatal anemia.

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