I suspect my kitten has fleas. Not sure when he got the fleas – possibly from his old owner, possibly from the veterinarian’s office. Either way, we’re going to buy him Advantage tomorrow, but we’re still faced with the problem of fleas in the house.
I know about vacuuming thoroughly and washing everything that’s not tied down in hot water, but does anyone have a suggestion about a flea bomb or spray that we can use on the furniture and draperies?
If you have any useful tips, I’d appreciate those, too. Thank you.


  1. Blain L

    Fleas hate essential oil, especially Tee Tree. they hate it really much. when my brother had lice we put a few drops on his head and they left really fast. http://www.alnaturalcosmetics.com/servle… is a good place to get some. just put a few drops in a few places in every room. ignore the smell its worth it trust me! by the way if you have any bug problems.. essential oils get rid of them all, they mostly hate tee tree. and lice and fleas are the ones that hate it the most.

  2. Cathy

    Yeah, the Advantage will help the cat and also if he never goes outside, he’ll be less likely to get them again.
    The only way to get them out of carpet and draperies, etc., is to wash them. Before you vacuum sprinkle some baking soda on the carpet because it dries out a lot of bugs. Just sprinkle it all over, leave it for half an hour or so, then vacuum.
    Washing your drapes and rugs is the only way to get fleas out, and you have to use a little extra detergent and use as warm of water as they can handle. It’s a big pain but it’s the only real way to do it. Sprays always miss some!

  3. Sliteofh

    Any time the air goes above 54 degrees fleas wake up and hatch so your cat could have gotten them anywhere with the balmy weather we have had this winter.
    Not necessary to wash drapes or carpet if you use the 9 day treatment.
    3 bombs. 3 times Every 3 days exactly will break the hatch cycle of fleas.
    The first bomb kills active fleas and larvae, the next kills any eggs that hatch in the three days previous and the last kills any that hatch from any that got laid during and directly prior to the previous bombing.
    I have had cats and dogs for 50 years and this is the only proven way I know to do it right the first time.
    Raid makes good bombs that retail for about 4 bucks apiece and you need a bomb for each affected room.
    Cover any food surfaces and wipe down after bombing.
    Ste off bomb and leave room for 2 hours with windows and doors closed.
    The 3 days is not debatable because Mother Nature does not debate.

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