My dog got fleas and sleeps in our room…now it seems that the fleas have invaded our bed. This happened a couple of years ago but I don’t remember how to get rid of them except for a bug bomb and I would like to avoid doing that. We have hardwood floors…I have washed all of the bedding, the rugs on the floor, and her pet bed in hot water. Any other recommendations?


  1. Tish

    Definitely get rid of the fleas on your dog, first of all. Nothing works as well as the treatments you can get from your vet. Also, buy some inexpensive cedar shavings (available at pet stores and in grocery stores in the pet section). If you have a dog bed, put the shavings under the bed (or even open the seams and pour them into the bottom, then sew it up again). Also put the cedar shavings in between the mattress and boxspring. Fleas hate the smell, but it is very pleasant to you and your dog.
    Vacuum like crazy, and before long, the fleas will be gone.

  2. ♥ jojo ♥

    You could flea bomb the room with a can of raid bomber. Other than that I heard the there is a sort of steamer treatment that can be used. Good luck.

  3. heart2lo

    Put a big bowl of water on the floor with a light hanging closely over it the flees are attrcated to the warm light and drown in the water. My sister did this and they were fully gone in a month. For your dog there is flea and tick shampoo and other inexpensive treatments you can buy at your local dollar store

  4. Moolu

    Get another dog – put him in the room, keep everyone else out and let all the fleas get on him and then put him outside. Just kidding, some times it’s just hard to be serious.
    I think the bug bomb is about the only way unless you keep the dog out of the bedroom – fleas don’t live very long.

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    I have recently learned that boric acid kills fleas and their eggs. If it is in the carpet then you sprinkle boric acid powder into the carpet and let it sit there for a couple of days and vacuum it up, it is safe for pet and people to be around and takes care of the problem. Good luck

  6. Tigger

    Boy can I sympathsize with that!
    You can also sprinkle flea-killing powder, Borax, or even cinnamon on your matress, let that sit about twenty minutes or so, then vacuum it. And make sure to treat the dog too so the fleas don’t jump back on her. You’ve got everthing else coverred.

  7. Maverick

    if you or someone you know have a banana tree,get a piece of stalk and cut it into pieces.Put them where the fleas are.It will get rid of them.After the banana stalk dries out get some more.You can hide the pieces of banana stalk so people won’t see them.
    I had the same problem two months ago.
    I guess the fleas don’t like the scent or something but it works !

  8. shierrab

    I had the same problem a few years ago. You need to get the dog some flea medicine; I used Bio-Spot (you can purchase it at Put it on your dog and let them romp around in the room that is infested. The dog will rub little bits of the medicine on carpet, bedding, or whatever and it will kill the fleas. I swear by this. We were infested for months and kept trying flea bombs, but nothing worked until this. After you use this vacuum frequently to get up all of the dead fleas and any larvae that may be left.

  9. prosopop

    We have had success with frequent (multiple times per day) vacuumings, until the fleas are gone. The dog will have to stay treated during the ridding process.

  10. jr90292

    To stop a flea problem, you need to rid your dog of them. I recommend Frontline for fleas, ticks and eggs. You will longer have fleas.

  11. shygirl6

    first you have to get the fleas off your dog and out of your yard. until flea season is over keep dog out of your bedroom. hotspot things bug bomb is the best. things that i have tried that have worked are garlic spray bayleaves work wonders in your kitchen and black pepper sprinkled on floor and cabnets works for a while. but the bomb works best

  12. Garfield

    Unfortunately, you may have to resort to a bug bomb type of treatment. You need a good chemical to kill all of the fleas. The hot water and soap may kill some of the live fleas but not the eggs. There may be some organic/herbal solutions but I’m not aware of anything. You might want to check with a vet, pet shop or local pest control. They’d be able to tell you the best way to treat the fleas.

  13. amethyst

    i would first take my dog to the vets and have his fleas taken care of and while you’re away taking care of the pooch purchase flea fogger and set it off in your bedroom and house and when you get back your home should be flealess as should your dog

  14. enord

    i have a flea lite made by raid & others too.looks like a small laptop with the screen being the lite & the keypad being the sticky , replaceable, part. the fleas jump for the lite & fall onto the sticky pad. works great-cheap too. its called fleakiller flea trap. try it.

  15. Mother Bear

    Get ready for a clean-fest! Use your vacuum on your mattress, curtains and floors thoroughly and then immediately empty out the bag and take it outside – because the fleas can and will crawl right back out if you don’t. Bathe your dog with a good flea shampoo and make sure any fleas that come out of her coat get flushed down the toilet. You should also buy the dog one of those pet mattresses – make sure you get one that is stuffed with cedar shavings because fleas can’t tolerate cedar. And finally, use a flea collar on your dog. If the infestation has spread, there are aerosol sprays available at most pet stores that you can use on your carpets and upholstered furniture to kill any remaining fleas as well as spray the yard. My two dogs had such a bad infestation a couple of years ago from a stray cat that was hanging around that it took me a few weeks to get rid of them all. Good luck!

  16. kitty

    just rescued a kitten its full of fleas, you’ll have to use a flea spray for furniture/flooring, plus treat the animal with a seperate prescription flea spray/injection

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