My boyfriend is quite hairy and has discovered dozens of fleas in his leg hair in the past couple days. I’ve herd that fleas only stay on human for a short while, but my boyfriend must be the exception. His legs are absolutly covered in bloody flea bites. He’ll take a bath to drown them all only to find they’re back on his legs the next day. We released a fogger or “bug bomb” indended to kill fleas in our house yesterday but this morning, he woke up and had dozens more in his leg hair. The strange thing is that I’ve only found a few on me and they don’t seem to bite me at all. He shaved his legs this morning hoping to reduce the problem. Is there any products out there for humans to protect against fleas? Any tips on killing them?


  1. kmg

    If you have pets, then you have fleas. take care of the flea problem on the pets and wash everything, clothes, bed sheets, that should help.

  2. askmewha…

    Avon makes a bath oil called skin so soft- original. If he puts that on his legs, it will keep the fleas off him while you take care of the problem on the pets and in the house.

  3. mg

    Get yourself some powdered laundry detergent and sprinkle it all over the carpets and floors of your house. Let it remain there for at least 1 week and then vacuum. The detergent will suck the moister out of any of the eggs they have laid in the carpet and also the fleas themselves. Fleas must have a host to live so also put out mouse poison just to make sure all hosts a dead also. Those fleas had to get there somehow. Also if you have a dog or cat, put the liquid flea stuff that you get from the vet on them. That stuff will kill anything that bites them. Maybe you should put it on your boy friend ha ha. Luck

  4. Gilly137

    You may have to call an exterminator. The bombs and sprays do work but sometimes you have to do it twice (or even three times). There will be eggs that hatch after the first bomb that you’ll have to kill with a second. Make sure you lift up all the cushions on your furniture and If there’s a pet in the house, use Frontline or another topical flea preventative on it.

  5. Linda D

    Buy a better flea bomb or find out where the fleas are coming from.
    It is normal to have to bomb the house twice and vacuum a few times (always bleach clean the canister or toss the bag afterward–putting a cut up flea collar in the canister will help as well). However, that situation doesnt yield fleas the very next day. Either more got in, or those did not die.
    Check your pets-put stuff on them. Have your boyfriend use Dawn blue dishsoap to wash his legs-it gets them off better than anything else that is definately going to be safe on a person.
    You can also Borax under mattresses and couch cushions, but be very careful with children and pets as it is highly toxic and there is no antidote.

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    Apply Eucalyptus Oil or Tea Tree Oil directly to the specific area that’s causing him harm. Repeat this application every morning and evening. Remember to use a little dab of moisturizer with any repeated application of Eucalyptus Oil . This works far better than any poisonous flea medicine I’ve used on my cats. I’m sure it will work on your bf, the fleas can’t stand the aroma.

  7. *StarBur

    You can try flea shampoo – but you need to eliminate the fleas in the entire house.
    Start with the animals – flea shampoos and then a preventive like Frontline Plus. Then vacuum carpets really well and then either bomb or spray all carpet surfaces. You will need to treat carpets and bedding every 3 days for about a week or two.
    Wash ALL bedding/towels/clothing in hot water or dry on hot to kill fleas and the larvae.
    Bascially it will take about 1-2 weeks of work to clear out an infestation as bad as yours is.

  8. Owning Dogs .com

    Hmmm, do you think he’d be up for wearing a flea collar? I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist! (sure hope ya’ll have a sense of humor!)
    In all seriousness though, IF the fleas are that bad, you may have to have your house taken care of (bombed) professionally, which would consist of everyone having to leave the house for a day or 2 (from what I can remember) to give the stuff time to work. I would definately consult a pest company about this, as it sounds to be out of hand at this point. I know how bad fleas can get, and I myself am prone to fle-bites, so I know how he feels.
    In the meantime, I would wash all of your bedding in HOT HOT water, and spray your bed mattress down with lysol or possibly even some type of flea spray (of course letting it dry and air out prior to putting on new sheets). The hot water will kill any fleas, etc., which may be hiding out on the sheets.
    I would recommend (in my opinion) that you do something about this QUICKLY so any infestation that is going on at this point doesn’t get worse. I also just found a DIY website which may help, or at least get you started:…
    I sure hope this all works out for you, it’s a horrible problem to have, and a pain in the neck to fix. Best of luck. ;o)

  9. MrsCrabs

    Flea bomb your house, use Frontline / revolution on your animals, treat your yard for fleas. Cause flees like cool places so there probably in your yard and coming in your house. lol he shaved his legs awww poor guy

  10. Geeta K

    Fleas are a tricky thing. Firstly you have to be aware of how much these things breed. if you see a few then i can guarantee you there are thousands jumping around your house not to mention the eggs.
    The flea bomb would work killing off some but just think of all the cracks etc they can be hiding.
    Also many fleas are resistant to these anti flea solutions and you need to turn to stronger things.
    Firstly you need to figure out where the problem is coming from. Do you have dogs or cats that are bringing them in.
    Is it possible you have a mouse problem near the house or do you have a neighbors or friends dog that you visit and then bring the fleas home.
    I have been using sprays that are used for pests on vegetables. much stronger. The best are the sprays that you dilute in water. You will need to repeat the bomb or spray solution a number of days running. or leave for a few days and do it again. it will take time to get rid of them. be persistent and most of all try and figure out where they are coming from because it doesn’t matter how many times you spray the house, they will just keep coming back. best of luck. im in the same situation.

  11. Fleaminator

    You need to treat house with an ‘Insect Growth Regulator’ spray or powder, available from ‘Pets at Home’ also ‘Frontline’ any pets in the home. Vacuum regularly and the problem will soon go away. I have faffed around with all kinds of crap, spent a fortune in fact, but only when i used the ‘insect growth regulator’ did i see a difference. It will kill eggs, larvae and the adult flea. Wish i’d used it straight away. Best of luck!!

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