We recently brought home a German Shepherd/Husky mix (male), approximately 3 months old. I purchased one of those “invisible” fences; the type that does not require a wire to be buried in your yard. It utilizes a wireless transmitter that broadcasts a 180′ diameter circular “pet area”. When the dog steps beyond the edge ot the “pet area”, the collar “zaps” him.
The manual that came with it talks about a training period of about 2 weeks for the system to be effective. How necessary is this? Are there different ways to handle this that won’t take two weeks?


  1. teelob

    I have a Golden Retriever. I set mine up and put out the flags, the first time I took my dog out to walk around, he got shocked and turned around, trotted back to the house, looking over his shoulder giving me a dirty look….I left the flags up for a week and there have been no problems since. As soon as he hears the familiar warning beep he turns tail so he never gets shocked. I think he learned that first time. He knows where the beeps starts so he doesn’t go close to the boundaries. So it didn’t take 2 weeks, it took 2 minutes.

  2. Potcake

    Think about it. How would you like it if someone put a collar around your neck that would shock you every time you went outside an invisible fence but they didn’t bother to make sure you knew where the boundaries are?? However long it takes you should do whatever you have to do to make sure your pet understands where the boundaries are before you leave him with the fence on. At 3 months old that may take longer than 2 weeks but it is the least you can do for your furry friend.

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