Also, does anyone know if this was a Dog Show or some in between half time type show?
All you dog (no matter the breed) lovers will get a kick out of this…


  1. Santa Basset

    Years. Every day.
    It’s an event called “Canine Freestyle” where you make up an obedience routine to music.
    You can tell that the dog is having a blast!
    Here’s more info on this team…

  2. Ladypug

    canine freestyles have their own competitions. That’s probably what she was at (and she probably won).
    It looks so ridiculous to me, but the dog looks like its having so much fun – who can deny?!

  3. berner mom

    A LONG time..
    I went to a freestyle seminar last year!! It was a LOT of fun, but you must be dedicated to this. It is a step by step process.

  4. I ♥ love

    Probably a year because my friend entered her dog in a dog competition and she started one year early.

  5. Ems

    What a cute video i think i have seen it before though. She spent quite a bit of time training this dog. It probably took her a couple of years to work with him to get him to this point. I think that any one who puts time in to something will acomplish there dreams though. So if this is your dream go for it. Don’t let any one tell you other wise.

  6. wickedbr

    lol. that’s nothing! my dog can breakdance while standing on his 2 feet. he usually does it when yeah’s playin n the background 😛

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