1. Mikey

    Good question. I too had this issue when i was training my Doberman. He lost interest about after 30 minutes and when he did this it was POINTLESS to go any farther that day.
    Read your dog, and when it is no longer fun and stimulating he won’t listen anyway so it’s counter intuitive.
    You’ll know when he reaches his point for that day. Look for it in about 30 minutes. Even with food my Dobe had had enough.

  2. Canadian Diva

    Short amounts of time for actual training is the best way. For a 3 month old pup. Ten or 15 minutes would be the longest you would want to train for. You do not want the puppy to become bored or overwhelmed so the short training times is the way to go. You can do that a few different times per day as long as you keep it short, positive and always end on a with the puppy doing the task properly. Following any training session should be some play time so the dog will associate doing good work with love and fun. Good Luck with your new puppy. Peace:)

  3. character education

    work on one thing for five minutes a day for 2 weeks with treats. 1 week without treats, and then one more with.
    For example
    for sit take treat and hold in hand with palm up teach him to look upwards when he does move your hand backwards he should learn to sit. if he doesnt put pressure on his but.
    For lie down in th sit position take the treat in your fist semi sticking out and put your fist against his nose and draw your hand straight to the ground. get him to follow you. Let him try to get the treat out of your hand. He’ll chem and when he gets frustrated he’ll lie down and try to get it. keep saying lie down until his elbows hit the ground then release the treat.
    hope this helps!!!

  4. Mutt ♥Loves Tiger♥

    I usually do two 15 minute long training sessions a day with my dog, but he’s an 8 almost 9 year old dog. With a puppy, you probably want to just do three 5 minute training sessions a day. Whatever works best for you and your dog. But always get at LEAST 10 minutes of training in per day. 🙂

  5. SBT lover - BSL hater

    Just do it throughout the day. Don’t have a strict hour where all you do is train him because that’s a bit too heavy-going for a puppy. Just do it for 10 mins here then leave it a couple of hours and then ten minutes there throughout the day.

  6. Steffi Giraffe

    Not long at this age, as he won’t have a very long attention span. How about ten minutes twice a day until he’s a bit older and is getting the hang of it?

  7. Chicken Little

    I would keep the sessions to about 15 minutes each time, and do this two or three times a day.

  8. Dante C

    15 to 20 minutes three times a day so it doesn’t put much stress on you or the dog and you end up with 45 – 60 minutes a day.

  9. Guinea Pig Frenzy!

    It depends on how high your dogs stamina is. Gradually increase the amount daily to build it up stronger!

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