I have 5 4 week old kittens that were living under my house. I got them out but they are covered in fleas. I bathed them today in warm water and got out as many fleas as I could.
Whens the next time they can take a bath?
I don’t want to use flea shampoo because they are two young. I cant use it on the mom either cause she’s still nursing.


  1. 2Q&Learn

    Instead of bathing, I dust my charges…
    For long term flea control, get some
    DIATOMACEOUS EARTH: A Non Toxic Pesticide,
    by Professor Stuart B. Hill,
    Department of Entomology and Ecological Agriculture Projects http://www eap.mcgill ca/Publications/eap4 htm
    (REPLACE 3 spaces in this URL with 1 dot each.)
    Diatomaceous Earth: The “Silver Bullet”,
    by Howard Garrett
    http://www shagbarkridge com/info/de.html
    “Fresh Water Diatoms–*Safe* Diatomaceous Earth ”
    http://www safe2use com/safe-products diatomaceous diatomaceous_Earth htm
    (REPLACE 2 spaces in this URL w/ 1 DOT each — and the next 2 w/ a SLASH)
    “Diatomaceous Earth FAQ”
    http://www holisticlivestock com/de_faq.htm
    Re-apply as needed. Have someone dust under the house with the DE, & dust their bedding. IT is NOT EXPENSIVE, especially if bought in bulk. We use it on (& in) our dogs.
    “How Diatomaceous earth Works”
    http://www earthworkshealth com/How-Diatomaceous-Earth-Works php
    “Human Use of Diatomaceous Earth”
    http://www earthworkshealth com/human-use php
    Replace ALL spaces in URLs with 1 DOT EACH, unless otherwise specified.
    This is NOT Industrial use DE, which IS toxic!
    This is FOOD GRADE DE!
    Thank You for viewing your charges as “…A Gift From God”! http://watchtower.org/e/20040222a/articl…

  2. 2Q&Learn

    I have taken care of so many little kittens before. I never thought that little kitty can have it. I believe it,other hand Something bad may happen to those kittens if you wash them, some cat parent will never recognize their smell, my little pet kittens were been killed by their own mother cat! I can’t believe how many times it happens , then I know it late,its so sad and scary, so bloody kiitens,they were in pieces, totally yuck, believe me! Just be aware and careful it won’t happen.

  3. Rerry S

    I would call the vet first thing in the morning and be specific about the age and the fleas. Any good vet will know what to do.
    Good luck! And you’re wonderful to be helping these guys!

  4. SeaOtter

    Baths are not recommended for cats. They strip away the natural oils that help protect the cat. Try using a flea comb and brush them out and into a bowl with soapy water.

  5. theshado

    well, I think you should call a vet, and get their opinion. they would probably offer a lot more options than any of us could 🙂

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