1. researched it

    You now need to treat your cat and your home. Fleas are not only irritating, but they spread disease.
    I’ve attached an article that discusses effective ways of treating fleas. By far, the best way to treat your pet is with a topical treatment. The topical treatments kill the fleas on your pet within a day or so. You’ll need to treat your home as well. The best way to do that is with a special powder that you put down on your carpets and hard wood floors. It lasts for about a year.
    You should also have your friend treat his home so that he is not tracking fleas back into your house. Tell him he can get tapeworms from fleas (it is true) and maybe he’ll get motivated to do something about it.

  2. LP

    You do not need an exterminator. They are expensive and it’s something you can do yourself.
    Shopping List: First get a bomb for each large room of your apartment. Then buy Carpet Flea Killer (most important!), Furniture Spray, Flea Shampoo and the Spot Oil that goes on the back of your cats neck. (All of these must specifically say they kill the eggs/larva of the flea!!). Each will run you around $8-$15.
    When you get home put the oil on your cat, take all the pillows off your furniture and lay them on the open floor. Then leave with your cat and Bomb your apartment.
    When you get back, clean (get everything off the floor) wash everything you can in your washing machine (bedding, clothes on or near the floor, etc.). While you are washing apply the furniture spray and carpet powder heavily! Then change your cats litter box and wash the food bowls. You might need to get a whole new bag of food for your cat as well because the fleas might be in it. After you let the carpet powder sit for a while you can vacuum and throw out the bag used in the vacuum.
    Keep in mind, anything that is in the trash needs to be taken out of the apartment immediately or the fleas will re-spread. Also, after a day or so bathe your cat in flea shampoo.
    Good Luck!

  3. Aqualux

    Well, calling an exterminator would be best! Cleaning everything with bleach will help. Be sure to get floors clean and sanitized. Wash your clothes and linens in bleach if possible. Obviously, there are many things that cannot be bleached, so wash with regular detergent. The bottom line, clean your apartment well! Bleach what you can. You do not want to spray pesticides yourself, they can harm you and your cat.

  4. Caitlin

    Terminex is a great company.
    they may seem sort of expensive, but they really do help a lot.
    we pay for them at my house and there are absolutely no bugs around anymore

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