One of the worse offenses that a cat can commit at home is to urinate outside of the litter box. Nobody will be happy with this kind of behavior especially if the culprit chose to pee on the carpet or bed, much worst on top of your kitchen dishes.

How to prevent your cat from urinating in other places of the house is one of the commonly shared concerns of cat owners.

Before you get mad, read these non-fatal and non guilt-inducing tips to stop your cat peeing anywhere in the house.

Why does your cat do not use the litter box?

First the cat will not pee outside the litter box without any reason.

Noise, light and vibrations can be disturbing and may scare your cats from going to their litter boxes, subsequently leading to eliminating in other inappropriate locations.

Check the location of the litter box; your cat needs easily accessible private place (don’t you?).

Don’t locate the box in a high traffic area or your cat may feel vulnerable and be disturbed by the lack of privacy.

Cats don’t want to sleep or eat near where they go to the bathroom, so locate the litter box in a reasonable place away from water and food.

Using a confined space like the closet or basement and leaving the door open is a good idea. But if you do this be sure to keep the box clean to reduce odors.

One possible location for the litter box is under a table. This is recommended if your home is not carpeted rather it is tiled or cemented and it’s a lot easier to clean.

Some other things to consider when locating a litter box:

•Avoid putting the litter box on carpet. The feel of the carpet is more attractive to your cats than litter box and may promote eliminating on carpets.

•Put the litter box in an area that is convenient for you to check on and keep clean.

•If there are dogs in the home, locate the litter box where the cat can eliminate without being bothered by them.

Keep Litter Boxes Clean

A dirty litter box is the number one reason a cat will stop using it and will look for other places to eliminate.

Clean all traces of pee and feces. Thoroughly refresh and wash out litter boxes with warm, soapy water or a mild commercial cleaner once a month. Use your regular cleaners, which may have ammonia. It attracts cats to pee.

If you have money to pay for self-cleaning litter boxes, purchase one for your pet to avoid being bothered when you are away or out of the house. These are fully automated to rake away waste and lock in odor by depositing the waste into disposable containers.

Other reasons why your cat do not use its litter box

Keep trying to figure out all the possible reasons why your cat is doing this obnoxious thing. Sometimes,

•Cats don’t like the smell imbedded in the scratched plastic of old litter boxes.

•You put foil down where your cat is going. They don’t like it.

•Your cat may be ill. Go to your vet for more help.

Its time to change the litter box if:

•A new litter being used has too heavy a scent.

•The depth of the litter in the box changed. Some cats like their litter deep, others shallow.

•Your cat has outgrown the box and needs a larger one.

•The box is too hard to enter and exit.

Tips On How To Stop Your Cat From Urinating And Defecating Outside The Litter Box

If your cat has picked out a particular room to soil try closing the door to that room.

Put a bowl of food over the target area, as cats like to keep their eating area away from their “bathroom”.

Take your cat to the Vet on a regular basis.

If you have more than one cat, be sure you have one litter box for each cat and have an extra over and above.

If you recently changed residence, a cat might smell an area where the previous owner’s cat urinated. Remember that cat pee where the scent remains.

Do you know that it takes three to eight weeks for a cat to get adjusted to the new home, environment and people? Patiently train your cat and allow it to be familiar to a new setting.

Cats are very sensitive to change and are affected if the owner has no systematize lifestyle schedule. Handle and program your major lifestyle changes slowly and allow your cat to adjust together with you.


Urinating and defecating outside of the litter box, also known as “inappropriate elimination,” is one reason why cat owners get mad and furious.

Never rub your cats’ face on the floor, or kick it and bit it. Punishments just do not work and creates stress to your cat, which may develop to behavioral problems. It will worsen the situation.

Have patience. Be prepared for a few setbacks. Being a responsible pet owner involves more than devotion and love. With your patience, praise and helpful cat training techniques, it is possible to keep your cat from engaging in inappropriate litter habits.

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