My cat has had kittens and they are one week old and have fleas, how do you get rid of the fleas?


  1. J C

    The only way to safely treat the kittens is to treat the mom, but you need to get something safe for nursing moms. That means a vet-approved product like Advantage. If going to the vet isn’t an option, then get Frontline from the pet store. The grocery store/Wal-mart products like Hartz (especially Hartz!), Zodiac, and Sargent are not safe for nursing moms, and may kill the kittens. Change their bedding daily to get rid of the fleas and eggs in the bedding.

  2. cpinatsi

    The ONLY medication you can use on such small kittens is Frontline SPRAY. Not the spot-on. And remember to use the spray a little bit, press the button of the bottle like once for each kitty, and don’t let them lick each other or the mother lick them while still wet. Also make sure you don’t spray their eyes and mouth.
    As for garlic, I don’t know if fleas hate it, but it is bad for the cats, so don’t do that.

  3. thegoodf

    The over the counter stuff doesn’t work. Don’t waste your money! Get something from the vets. Momma’s got fleas also if the babies have them. Treat them all at once, get it over with. Also make sure the the kittens CAN be treated…they may be too young. Usually it’s suggested for use at 6 weeks and up

  4. friskie

    I was instructed by a veterinarian to use DAWN DISH SOAP.and it works .(the blue color one)!!it kills the fleas on contact.Just make sure the water Temperature is luke warm,Put a little soap at the neck area and work it in all over..Rinse the kitty well and dry.It really works!! i have used it on kittens and adult cats.then just use a soft pet brush when the kitty is well dryed..good luck…it does work..

  5. tagalong

    Once weaned, in about another 7 weeks, start adding a tiny bit of garlic powder to the kitten’s food. Fleas, and ticks hate garlic.

  6. ♥Nabilah

    the safest thing to do is a flea comb if that does’nt work after 2 days get them to the Vet ASAP because they are so little their skin is so sensitive.

  7. Super Bruin 2

    take them to vet and get the proper medication. dont rely on over the counter stuff if u can help it. sometimes those things dont work too well.

  8. Edg1

    A flea comb might help. I would not use any over the counter meds as the kitties can’t handle the toxins yet.

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