I have a clicker, and so far I have only used it to reward my dog when she looks directly at me, when she focus’s on me instead of the treat , I reward her with the sound of the clicker and a treat directly after. What are some other training techines that use the clicker?


  1. sheltiem

    You can teach about anything using the clicker.
    A couple of things we use in agility training is “touch” — you hold out your hand toward the dog — most dogs will come sniff your hand out of curiosity. When they do, click and treat. Once they’re doing this routinely, you can add the word “Hand” so they will do it on command.
    You can also send to a target. We use lids from margarine tubs. Standing right next to it, touch the target with your hand. The dog will most likely sniff it. Click and treat. As the dog gets the idea, you can increase the distance until you can send to the target from some distance away.

  2. MissRedH

    Make her speak!!
    I did that with my dog and its fun!! You will have to make the dog sound to let her know that that is what you want her to do. It took me about a full straight hour for her to catch it. BUT i didn’t have the clicker. IT should be easier with that.
    I also trained her to high5 me instead of giving the paw. ITs so awesome and cute!!
    i would like to train her to roll but i really don’t know how. LOL
    have a good one!

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