She has carpets and stuff. I gave her advice on what to do but she is being stubborn. She brought 1 shampoo for all those cats (3 are newborn, probaly 3 weeks now). I don`t want fleas in my home but can they survive in my home even though i have no pets.


  1. rubybenu

    Long story short: you can transmit the fleas to your home easily. Getting rid of them is a pain.
    We did remodeling during the height of flea season. We had no pets. The fleas entered through the construction opening. We found out we had fleas when my daughter was covered with flea bites.
    It took 3 applications of “flea bombs” to get rid of them. The first dusting took care of adult fleas, the second took care of their newly hatched eggs. The third application took out any survivors BEFORE they laid eggs.
    It’s pretty costly but it’s got to be done right or you’ll never get rid of the little blood-suckers!

  2. rosarosa

    I have a friend that owns a pre-built house (a trailer) and under his house each year cats have kittens, and each year his house gets infested with fleas. I would spray on some cutter bug repellant, among many other bugs it repels fleas, you’d probably only have to spray your ankle to shin area. Yes you can bring a flea home with you, will it feed off of you? Yes if nothing else is available. Will it lay eggs after consuming human blood? I have heard two different answers to that, yes and no. Best bet, ask a pest control company, they are usually glad to answer questions.

  3. sb@work!

    a flea MIGHT hide in the cuff of your pants, or whatever, and hitch a ride to your home but really, it’s unlikely . . . I’ve heard they prefer the temperature of cats and dogs, which is higher than humans. . . i have gone to work and had one jump off the carpet onto my leg. . probably brought in by a pet owner, and freezing on the carpet, and jumped on me sensing the warmth, i guess, but it was easy just to pluck it off and flush it. . . i wouldn’t worry too much about it. . . especially if you have no pets at your house. . .

  4. Jamie

    yes they can.They love fur so if they see anything furry on you or in your home,they come with you.I have a dog and 2 cats(getting another cat soon)and none of them have fleas.Make sure to wash them all thouroughly(i cant really spell lol)and make sure you scrub extra good where the fleas are.

  5. Margo W

    Yes the fleas can survive and it is hard not to bring them home with you on your clothes. best solution I have had was to get a good flea spry for carpets and funiture and use frontline on the cats. but talk to a vet the kittens may still be to young for this

  6. the Horses Butt

    there is you. fleas don’t care what kind of animal they feast on and you and granny are part of the animal kingdom.

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