How can I train him to get used to me and what I want him to do? Like not running away or in the street, coming when I call, etc.


  1. Molly

    well as for running to the street keep him on a leash at all times or inside when ur away.Or if ur yard is fenced in pretty high then let him loose as long as there is no way out then he should be fine.And as for making him come when called…get some treets and make him sit somewhere and back away slowely and then put the treet down on the ground and say “Come” and if he comes before u say “come” then pick up the treet before he gets it and say “no” and make him go back and if he comes then let him have the treet.And then everytime he gets it right back away more and more each time.Everything is with rewards and patience with a dog.Give him a chance…it will take some time for him to perfect the things u teach him. :] good luck and just have fun with him! i’m sure you’ll be best friends!

  2. Spanish mortgages

    You are going to adopt a dog that has lived indoors in a house and with his people all his life and you want to make it an outdoor dog? And your concern is how to keep it from running away? LOL
    Reconsider or don’t adopt the dog.
    There are professional trainers. A professional trainer maybe able to help you with what you should expect when you have a dog.
    Some people have no dog sense at all. Some folks should just not have dogs. That is OK as long as you recognize you are not really a dog person.

  3. The Dog Shouter (Whisperer?)

    I cannot tell where you live but in most urban areas of the United States it is illegal to have a dog running loose. So, if you live in the US and your dog can run into the street, that’s not going to work.
    Also, changing an outdoor dog to an indoor dog is pretty easy, changing an indoor dog to an outdoor dog is usually kind of difficult. Depending on the dog, most dogs enjoy being close to their “pack” – which means YOU. Moving them outdoors could be very hard on the dog. I have had many dogs who loved spending all day outdoors, however, I bring them into a small room of the house at night. They love it.
    Good luck.

  4. Rose

    Don’t get the dog. I don’t know who in their right mind would give you their inside dog knowing that your going to make it live outside.
    Dogs are social creatures and want to be with their people. They should be part of your family not stuck outside. I feel so sorry for your dog.

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