I have 3 dogs that I started training 3 months ago in basic obediance. They are doing great!! I love it and so do they! I would like to go further with this, though I’m not sure exactly what i want to train them. I think they are smart enough to service dogs( at least one is ) I think it would be so neat to teach them how to turn on or off the lights etc… Also agility would be really cool(and fun for me and the dogs!). If anyone knows of some good website that have info on futhering their training past basic obediance I would appriciate it. Also, I would prefer not to have to pay for it, I need just websites that anyone can use without cost. Thanks, Kat


  1. 2thedogs

    If you are interested in training agility it might be hard to do without spending any money. You can certainly get training guides online, but the equipment can be expensive. However with a little creativity you can build some equipment on your own. Especially jumps and weave poles. PVC is cheap and easy to work with.
    Check out http://www.cleanrun.com for great info on agility in general and lots of training gear and techniques. Also if you want to teach your dogs to do the weave poles try this:http://users.tpg.com.au/users/rloftus/we…
    That site has other good general info.
    Susan Garrett is a great dog trainer and uses clicker training to work in agility. Her website http://www.clickerdogs.com also has some fun games and tricks you can teach your dog.
    Joining a class can be really fun and rewarding–although I guess with three dogs it could get pricy!
    Your dogs sound awesome!! GOod luck.

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