im gonna take my puppy to dog training classes i was wonder how does that work like what do they do like the activities


  1. ♥Love Herds♥

    Good for you! They do all kinds of things, and all classes are a little different.
    Puppy classes often focus on very basic commands. Sit, down, stand, and coming when called. Recall is the main thing, and it’s mixed in with socialization, and orientation to new and strange objects.
    The class I took with Sophie worked on proper ways to treat and reward, loose leash, sitting, downing, and coming when called. It was all intermixed with fun little play sessions. So the dogs would have to focus, and learn, then they could romp, then we’d “recall” out of the play session, and learn, then play. It was a fabulous class. They introduced our dogs to wheelchairs, canes, crutches, hats, and new people and sights and sounds. It’s an excellent beginning, and an amazing bonding experience. Not to mention a blast!

  2. Bubbles

    In the training classes i go to it is all about how to control ur dog in road safety, ( basically how to train ur dog sit, down , stay and basic and advanced recall and stays.) but loads of clubs are different and you will help u with any antisocial behaviour ur dog has 🙂
    Hope that helped 🙂

  3. krennao

    Puppy socialization, they pretty much teach you basic commands , some obedience, you learn about nutrition, grooming, exercise etc.. Your puppy also gets to meet other puppies.. some groups meet on weekends for play dates.. It depends on what your course has to offer, you will find out when you go.

  4. Sandra

    Hi… the ones where I have taken my puppy to are a lot of fun! Usually you gather in a large room and the teacher will go over everything with you. They will teach you basic commands first, such as sit,stay, down, heel, etc. It’s great for socializing your puppy too . I’m sure he/she will love it !

  5. XO lalala XO

    When I took my dog. They gave me a “clicker”. What that does is, if your dog runs away or something, they train your dog to respond to it.
    They also try and help your do sit and roll over on command. :]

  6. LadyRamz

    They will train you how to train your dog. It is up to you to be consistant with the training after you leave the classes.
    Basic puppy classes will teach
    Walking properly on a leash

  7. Tammy

    they probably do exercises like make your dog sit, stay, and come. who knows? they might even teach the dog a few tricks

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