I need a video that helps me train my dog really well, i was looking at “The Dogfather’s” “Training the Perfect Dog” that i saw on an infomercial but wanted some other peoples advice before i dive right into buying the videos…… thank you


  1. T J

    Mike Lardy has a whole set of retriever training vidshttp://www.totalretriever.com/training.h…
    They are heavy duty field trial training tho’.
    Jackie Mertens has a great retriever “puppy training” vidhttp://www.ybsmedia.com/jackiemertens.ht…
    If you are interested in O/B training, or just having a nice dog around the house, get the Connie Cleveland vid (also available from ybsmedia)
    The guy with the informershial sure isn’t what I would use.

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