To train a stubborn dog, is it better to use a shock collar or a citronella collar (that sprays out and unusualy smell that the dog dislikes), what are the benefits of each and which one is more effective?


  1. ���~Ang~��� (aka Ang

    I used everthing out there for my dog… I broke down and got a Shock collar and it worked GREAT.. and the good news is I only used it for 2 weeks, Then the next 2 weeks I just had to pick it up so he could see it and lay it back down… So now I don’t need it no more,,,
    If you get one..
    -the 1st couple of times Don’t leave you dog alone.
    -put it on 1/4 of the shock or less..
    -And for Very Short times frames..

  2. walking lady

    Both of those are just tools to supposedly “help” owners who are either too lazy or don’t have any of the necessary knowledge to train their dogs. Long term, neither one is effective – dogs aren’t stupid, they know when they don’t have them on and they’ll never be trained, only “conditioned”.

  3. dragonfl

    I have a stubborn dachshund and the shock collar training worked wonders–when it is on him—but other collars didn’t work on ours but the shock did

  4. Chloe

    My grandfather trained our dog with a shock collar (it was his dog atthe time, I had nothing to do with it whatsoever) and it was extremely effective. I have heard stories of other dogs ignoring the shock completely and continuing to do bad things even though they are being shocked.

  5. Katetrin

    You will be training your dog by physical abuse. Pain is never a good trainer.
    What happens if your dog gets out or off the collar? You have no control. Why not just train the dog? Dog training is not easy. It takes time and consistancy. If you don’t want to train the dog, why did you get one?
    Please do not reproduce and have children. They are more stubborn than dogs. Unless you plan on using the collar on the kids too.

  6. Tricnic

    well a lot of this depends on the size of your dog. Im not completely against shock collars because there are some animals out there that need discipline, but sometimes that can be a little much. I prefer the ones that put out a noise that the dog can hear but not the owner. They have them with remotes that you can activate whenever they do a behavior that they arent supposed to. They also have stationary ones and collars that are set off by the dogs bark, which teaches them not to bark insesently. It worked wonders on my yorkie, shes only 3lbs so a regular collar was too much for her! GOOD LUCK!

  7. Ersabett

    To me, these methods are the lazy and cruel way to train your dog.
    If you don’t have the patience, time or money to train your dog properly then you shouldn’t have one.
    There are many effective and non-abusive ways to train your dog. Positive reinforcement and consistency is number one. The clicker method is also effective but it all takes time.
    The methods you mention put fear into your dog. Do you really want your dog to be afraid of you? Wouldn’t it be better to have a dog that respects and trusts you?
    Put yourself in his/her paws. Would you like to be shocked?

  8. melissa k

    A “stubborn” dog is simply a dog that does not have the proper motivation. It is up to you to find what will get your dog to work. Yes, avoiding a shock will probably get him to work. But isn’t it better for him to work because he has received bits of cheese for it in the past and is hoping to get some again? I would happily come running to work everyday if I got a piece of cheesecake for arriving early. I would make sure that I was early if I got shocked any time I wasn’t, but do you think I would enjoy my job? I would be sending out my resume in a few weeks (if that long).
    Use neither and get a trainer to help you.

  9. Free Wii

    I think maybe you should consider taking up a few dog training classes and possibly give the clicker training a try. A trainer can help you so much with issues in behavior, and give you far more information than anyone can type out here.
    There are some trainers who specialize in handling “stubborn” dogs with behavioral issues, too.

  10. Becky N

    I dont really understand why people would want to use a shock collar as I think its cruel but the cironella collar isn’t so harsh and can really help….I would try that one first though….definatly the most humane… presuming you’ve already tried clicker training?

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